Oroville Schools named ‘School of Distinction’

OROVILLE – Oroville Junior/Senior High School was named a “2012 School of Distinction” by the Center for Educational Effectiveness.

The announcement that Oroville was one of only 97 schools to receive the designation was made during “Good News and Announcements” at the Monday, Dec. 17 school board meeting.

To be eligible for the Schools of Distinction Award, a school must perform at or above the state median in grades six through eight (middle schools) or grade 10 (for high schools) in state reading and math assessments.

“Three years ago we were said to have one of the lowest percentages, now we are in the top five percent of those schools that have improved,” said Kristin Sarmiento, Oroville High School Principal.

“The kids did a great job, staff did a great job. And we weren’t a school that received any money, but still achieved great gains,” she added.

Under Superintendent Steve Quick’s Report he said he had consulted with Seattle Northwest Securities about using public bonds or getting a bank loan to pay for the new new roof project on the elementary school.

“With interest rates low, around 1.5 percent, it would be better to get a loan for the project,” said Quick.

The loan would be paid back using funds collected over a three-year period from the special levy approved by district voters in November.

“We should have bid package in January and be fully funded in February. We need to get construction bids in March and start on the south end of the elementary. It should be all done by the summer,” Quick said.