Oroville School District adopts $8.5 million budget

Oroville School Director Brad  Scott resigns at-large board position

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as Director for our district,” Brand Scott, director, Oroville School Board

OROVILLE – The Oroville School Board adopted a 2014-15 budget of nearly $8.5 million — about $24,000 more than the previous year’s budget.

The budget includes General Fund Expenditures of $7,203,202; Transportation Vehicle Fund, $150,000; Capital Projects Fund, $470,000; Debt Service Fund, $504,606 and Associated Student Body Fund, $136,500.

The budget reflects a continuing trend of dropping enrollment. It is based on 525 FTE (Full Time Equivalent) students in the coming year and nine Running Start Students, according to Shay Shaw, the district’s business manager. Last year the budget was based on 568 FTEs, she explained at the board’s Monday, July 28 meeting.

The board also approved a motion to accept the resignation of Brad Scott, who filled a position on the board that was empty for more than a year after David Nutt resigned. In an effort to attract more potential candidates for the position the board placed a measure on the February ballot changing it to an At Large position. Scott applied and was appointed to the board at their March 2014 meeting.

“Thank you for the opportunity to serve as Director for our district. At this time I have applied for a position that does not allow me to serve on the board,” wrote Scott in his resignation letter.

In the letter he also left open the door for serving in the future should the opportunity present itself.

The board also approved a long consent agenda of several items, including a National Board Payment of $10,090 to teacher Linda Colvin. That amount will be reimbursed to the district by the state, according to Shaw. In addition, there were many resignations approved that night – Jan Lillquist resigned as a paraprofessional, Patricia Dagnon as third grade teacher, Kerrie Allie as high school secretary, Kayla McKinney as junior high volleyball coach and high school assistant softball coach and Josh Marchand as assistant football coach.

Supplemental contracts were approved for Tam Hutchinson, athletic director; Ed Naillon, tech coordinator; Tony Kindred, annual advisor; Eric Stiles, music director and Shaw for federal/state/fiscal coordinator.

In addition, the district contracted with the Okanogan School District for the school psychologist for the 2014-15 school year.

Earlier in the evening, under “Good News and Announcements,” Superintendent Steve Quick reported that the district did well in their annual Washington State Patrol Bus Inspection.

“For a number of years we’ve passed our inspection because of the person that works there,” said Quick. “If you see Jim (Bretz) say, ‘Good job.’”

Quick said the district had traded in the old van for a 2008 van with 25,000 miles that looked brand new. The van holds eight passengers and a driver, with individual seats, not benches like the old van had.

“Mr. (Ed) Naillon has been working very hard to get the library system online so kids will be able to search the card catalog at home and at school,” said Quick. “He also is getting Overdrive working with the same system so they can search that as well.”

Overdrive is a system that allows students to check out electronic books.

“I am pretty excited… we’ve already have had some teachers buy electronic books so they will be available to be checked out,” Quick said.

Staff has been invited to talk with representatives from VIP Insurance about health care coverage.

“Premera went up 17 percent last year and will be going up seven percent again this year. So rates keep going up as does the co-pay,” said Quick. “Premera has great coverage, but also has rates that are commiserate.”