Leads remain the same for Okanogan County offices in second Primary Election count

Detro and Bull are top vote getters for Okanogan County Commissioner Position 3

OKANOGAN – In the second count of the Tuesday, Aug. 7 Primary Election, results still show Jim Detro, the incumbent candidate for Okanogan County Commissioner, Position 3, way out ahead of his two challengers, Sally Bull and Robert Fuchs.

Detro, a Republican, was leading the race with 1,276 (65.84%) of the votes in the first count taken on election day, Tuesday, Aug. 7.. He picked up an additional 531 votes in the second vote count, last Friday, Aug. 9, with his percentage of the total votes counted nearly the same at 65.88 percent.

Salley Bull, who describes herself as an Independent, had 462 in the first count and that number increased to 659 (24.02%) on Friday. Robert Fuchs, also an Independent, had 202 and was at 277 in the second count (10.10%). The top two vote getters will meet in the November General Election where voters will decide who will get the office.

According to elections officials with the Okanogan County Auditor’s office there were 8,155 ballots have been counted and an estimated 3000 ballots are left to count. All counts are unofficial until the election is certified on Aug. 21. The next ballot count is scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 15 at 5 p.m.


The sheriff’s race, which had an even half dozen candidates seeking to occupy the sheriff’s office being vacated by Frank Rogers, who is retiring, also has two clear front runners. In the lead of the candidates, who all consider themselves Republicans, is Tony Hawley with 2,007 (28.57%) of the votes counted as of the second ballot count. He is followed by Steve Brown with 1,544 (21.99%). = While in a near tie, the next two candidates switched positions in the second count. Michael Blake had the next highest number of ballots cast in his favor, 1,299 (18.44%), followed by Jeff Koplin with 1,255 (17.87%). Kevin Newport Kevin Newport was next with 759 votes (11.18%) and then Court Creighton with 161 (2.29%).


Current Okanogan County Prosecutor Brandon Platter (D), who was appointed after Karl Sloan stepped down from the position, is trailing challenger Arian Noma (R) by a considerable number of votes. Noma has 4,417 (59.96%) of the votes and Platter received 3,075 (41.04%).


Cari Hall has a sizable lead over Randy Gates for the position of Okanogan County Auditor. Both Republicans, Hall got 3.645 (58.52%) votes and Gates got 2,584 (41.48%).

Treasurer, Coroner & Assessor

Incumbent Okanogan County Treasurer Leah F. McCormack ran unopposed, as did incumbent Okanogan County Coroner David Rodriguez. Larry D. Gilman who is seeking his first term as Okanogan County Auditor also ran unopposed for the position long held by Scott Furman who is retiring.

Seventh District Legislators

Okanogan County voters seem to like the current crop of Seventh District legislators, all Republicans. They overwhelmingly went for Shelly Short over Karen Hardy for State Senator. They also chose Jacquelin Maycumber for a return to the House of Representatives in Position 1 and Joel Kretz, a long term Congressman, for Position 2. The incumbents are leading in the rest of the Seventh District as well. Since Short and Maycumber were up against only one opponent they know who they will be facing in the General Election, Democrat Karen Hardy will face Short and Democrat Randall Michaelis will face Maycumber.

U.S. Senate & House

Amongst Okanogan County voters incumbents were winning the day for federal office as well. Democrat Maria Cantwell was leading a race for U.S. Senate with over two dozen candidates on the ballot. The next top vote getter in Okanogan County was Republican Susan Hutchinson. Local voters mirrored what was going on statewide, preferring the incumbent, with Hutchinson coming in second. They were both so far out ahead they’ve locked up a spot on the November ballot.

For Washington’s Fourth District, U.S. Representative, Republican Dan Newhouse is leading over Democrat Christine Brown by a considerable lead in both the county and district wide.