Words from the umpire

Dear Editor,

Being politically correct is not one of the burning desires in my life. Rather, I’d like to think that I’m an umpire who calls it as he sees it. Granted some calls an umpire makes are incorrect and some are only questionable but most of them are ‘right on.’ However, many in the stands who, between bites of their hotdog and gulps of beer see it differently. But, the umpire still calls it as he sees it and everyone else needs to deal with it as it confronts them.

Wow, that was a lot of prattle that some may say is al most meaningless; but, it does set the stage for saying how this umpire sees the state of our nation. Our nation was founded upon principles from the Bible. Bet some of you reading this letter will read no further because of the last words in the last sentence; but if that’s true, you haven’t even read this sentence, aw, smile. Well, this umpire wants to share a few ‘calls’ with you and ask you to think about them.

In my opinion, this nation has strayed far from the intent of Adams. Franklin, Hancock, Jefferson and Middleton, and the fifty-one others who signed. Granted, as this nation developed there were several examples of how the general populace either did not act as they should have, or looked the other way when it came to gender, color of skin, or economics and as a result, there has been and continues to be instances of non-Biblical conduct.

But, it is time, actually it is PAST time for us to look the other way. Just as a tiny snowflake starts to roll, gathering speed and size it becomes a snowball, and eventually an avalanche so does getting away from our founders intent become a snowball that crushes everything in front of it. This has happened to every nation that has existed since creation and it is happening to our nation today. The question becomes, ‘will we continue to slide the slippery slope of inclusive tolerance/or will we stand up as we should?

I encourage you to read the Bible, learn from it, talk with others, enter into the fellowship of a Bible believing church and help our nation become again what it has been. But, not necessarily what it has been but go even further becoming what God intended us to be. That is to say, right the way of wrong, be better than we have been and yet steadily increase towards what were intended to be.

Randy Middleton