Why A Parks and Recreation District for Tonasket

Dear Editor,

I began swimming at the Tonasket pool when it was first opened and always considered it to be my pool. However, I’ve not lived within Tonasket City limits, never paid city taxes and thus never supported the operation and maintenance of “my” pool with anything more than a family season pass. This I suspect is true for the majority of Tonasket Pool swimmers over the past 60 years. The burden of support has fallen on those who live within Tonasket’s City limits.

The Tonasket City Council, when approving our new pool proposal advised us that if the new pool could not support itself, the city was no longer able to provide $45,000 annually for its operation and maintenance. If we are to have a new pool it will be up to the Greater Tonasket Community to provide these funds. A Parks and Recreation District emerged as the best option to provide this support spreading the cost of maintenance and operation to the wider community.

On Nov 3, Tonasket area voters will be asked to create a Parks and Recreation District to provide for the operation and maintenance of both a new pool and some support for city parks. It takes both your yes vote and donated funds ($623,000 thus far) to build this Pool in Tonasket.

Please do your part, say yes to the new Tonasket Parks and Recreation District. Help build a pool for our community.

Norm Weddle,

President, TSPA