What's really going on at North Valley?

Dear Gary,

Can someone explain to the hospital administrator that when the public gets blindsided by something as serious as evicting our seniors, its going to get our attention.

Contrary to the administrator’s belief there are several people in our district that know that business, some of these people we have been leaning on to help us understand things like the massive billing issues, the poor customer service at check-in, problems with records being sent to our other doctors and many other issues senior management refuses to address.

A lot of the information that has been requested, should have been compiled, gone through, dog eared, coffee stained and readily available months ago, if solutions were wholeheartedly being sought.

She keeps saying there is a seven year history of loss but this still has not been proven, even by some of the very information she keeps shoving at us. The 2007 article with Bartleson (former administrator) does not prove a seven year stretch, it actually talks about the hospital charge error costing the Extended Care $400,000 that should have been a hospital debt.

Which reminds me, Ms. Michel still hasn’t answered the question: Why is $220,000 dollars of our tax money specifically for the assisted living maintenance and operation going into the hospital account? Do we see a pattern here?

Why weren’t the bonds being paid down with the cost reimbursement, as promised to the community, instead of used to fund the continued construction for clinic space that was going to be closed anyway?

Why do we need to spend money… out of an already challenged budget (Long Term Care) to take over a deli?

Why hasn’t the sale of hospital assets to Wenatchee Valley Clinic been openly discussed?

As a “supervisor” one hopes she or at least the commissioners would understand why red flags start popping up when employees can not legitimately justify these types of disastrous results and distasteful behavior.

And whether she realizes it or not, she is our community employee.

It’s simple logic, when you are unable or unwilling to answer honest questions with anything other than false information, evasiveness and aggression, the community (your boss) is left asking why are we being shut out? That’s when the hard questions start being asked, like: What’s really going on?

John McCoy