Put your foot down – 'No on Enloe'

Dear Editor,

For three years north county ratepayers have been challenging PUD commissioners and managers trying to re-electrify Enloe Dam. Eight years of spending on applications, high priced lawyers and well paid consultants has drained $12 million dollars from the PUD balance sheets already. Enloe Electrification requires $39 million in additional borrowing plus $23 million dollars in interest. The PUD estimates the new Enloe power plant will lose between $1.1 and $1.7 million dollars each year. We will go deeper in debt every year of operation. The borrowing of $44.5 million dollars since 2000 leaves the Utility currently owing $38.5 million dollars on principle and $24.7 million due in interest. This is bad management at work.

Anyone familiar with Similkameen Falls knows it to be one of the most amazing water places in the region. The salmon and steelhead fishing hole just below the falls is a treasured special place to local fishermen and local friends of the Similkameen River. We cannot stand on the sidelines while the PUD makes plans to build a budget busting power plant atop one of our most precious resources.

Commissioner Bolz, our PUD representative, is completely out of touch with north county ratepayers. People are standing up to say loudly and clearly “No on Enloe!”

A crucial deciding vote will take place at the next PUD Meeting on Feb. 9, 2015, 2:30 p.m., at the PUD Auditorium, 1331 2nd Ave. N, Okanogan. One resolution will authorize the building of the proposed power plant at Enloe Dam. The second resolution would terminate all further activity by the PUD on the Similkameen River. Urge all three commissioners to support the second resolution to De-Commission Enloe Dam. Call or email all three Commissioners: Ernie Bolz 509-486-2553, ernieb@okpud.org; Steve Houston 509-429-9248, steveh@okpud.org; Scott Vejraska 509-826-7088 scottv@okpud.org.

Joseph Enzensperger