New ambulance company not qualified

Dear Gary,

As you know there’s an awful uproar with the Senior Citizens over the ambulance service situation. And as I am one of the rural commissioner/advisory board members; I’ve been in it since the very beginning. And it stresses me very much to see how nasty it has become.

The very root of the whole thing has been overlooked and given no thought about its importance. The EMTs were disgruntled because it was taking so long for the powers that be to get a new program going to help them in their low numbers.

We did have a plan on the table to put in motion… but, they handed in their resignations en mass with a very short time for anything else to do if the area would have any ambulance service at all…. Now we are being blamed for maligning them…. They quit the community!

I’m sad to see so much misunderstanding about qualifications…. Never was anything ever said about the EMTs qualifications or abilities…. The whole thing at city council and with the county commissioners was the qualifications to run a business; as is the ambulance service, whether it was our original ambulance service,or what will take its place. It is a business that has to have certain regulations and specific insurances and again qualifications.

The new ambulance company just plainly does not have all the qualifications required to serve the community well. Sorry folks, sentiment does not run a business.

In God only can we trust,

Betty Roberts