Mandela no George Washington

President Obama comparing Nelson Mandela to George Washington reminded me of Herbert Matthews of the New York Times in the late 50’s comparing Fidel Castro to George Washington. Mandela was jailed for years because he admitted he planned sabotage to violently overthrow the South African government. He said “We communist party members are the most advanced revolutionaries in the world.”

He was repeatedly offered the chance to get out of jail if he would just renounce violence. He refused. Mandela led the African National Congress when it was listed as a terrorist group by the U.S. Congress. Mandela’s wife in the 80’s Winnie Mandela became notorious for encouraging the murder of blacks opposed to the ANC by placing gas filled tires around their necks and lighting them on fire.

Today , according to Dr Gregory Stanton , the head of Genocide Watch, the ANC is conducting an orchestrated genocidal campaign targeting white farmers having already murdered over 3000 or 10 percent of South Africa’s commercial farmers.

President Obama supports this terrorism by the ANC through foreign aid and the praise he gives to the former ANC leader and terrorist Nelson Mandela.

Steve Dunham