Letters to the Editor

Taxcuts or a deferred tax increase?


Dear Editor,

The ‘no taxincrease pledge,’ which every Republicans must take (Conservative Republicansmust repeat it twice) in order to be recognized as a true believer in fiscalresponsibility and good government, has been made easier by the Bushadministration.

TheRepublicans true to their Big Business Laissez-faire philosophy and fiscaldouble-take has instituted what I call the D.T.I. policy. That stands forDeferred Tax Increase. This D.T.I. policy enables Republicans during apolitical campaign to embrace the no tax increase pledge. This is highlysensitive material, of which I am sworn not to disclose its sources. It wasconceived during the Contract with America in the 90’s when the Republicansgained the majority in Congress. The Bush administration changed it to ContractOn America (Soprano source). In reality it is a Spend and Borrow policy whichobligates our children and grandchildren to foot the bill and what a bill itis!

This policywas fully implemented by Bush in the form of tax breaks (for the rich) underguise of stimulating the economy and his overseas misadventure (Iraq) and hisdomestic miss-management.

Republicansfully supported Bush’s spend and borrow policy. In the 2006 election the publicfinally realized what was coming down and voted accordingly. We the peoplestarted to see that the Contract On America was really the biggest transfer ofwealth (via the government) to the rich since the days before Teddy Roosevelt.Bush and gang didn’t pay for anything – the end result is a $9 trillionnational debt (double since the year 2000). This is where Deferred Tax Increasekicks in – somebody has to pay the interest ($250 billion per year) andprincipal on national debt. Guess who? YOU DO! (and me)

Respectfully submitted

Chris Zaferes -Vice Chairman

Okanogan County Democrats


Connectwith the world before deciding


Dear Editor,

In regardto the letter of June 12, which advocated turning off the TV and condemningGlobal Warming as a plot to bring down America and the world – this level ofparanoia is amazing!

Does thewriter advocate insulating oneself from different points of view regardingclimate change that are available in all forms of media; television,newspapers, websites, books, etc.? How can an opinion be formed without thiskind of objective exposure? To fantasize a huge underground conspiracy isludicrous.

It would beuseful to note that plastic water bottles can and are being recycled, and thatshuttles in space (unless one also believes they don’t exist), show holes inthe ozone layer of our earth. As a parallel, think of these holes as missingsunblock and then you can realize the effect of unfiltered sun rays on humanskins and on the planet we inhabit.

There is so much information availableout there that it seems unbelievable for one person’s sole bias to be preachedas gospel truth. Don’t turn off your TVs but do turn on your connection to the world outside.

Respectfully submitted,

Faigee Niebow



Tonasket’shelp averted a crisis at shelter


Dear Editor,

I know thatyou folks who live and work in Tonasket are some really special people. I knowthis because a couple weeks ago, Howling Ridge was in dire straights, with notenough dog food to feed the 25 dogs housed there.

My husbandand I went to many of the businesses in town and told them the problem. Nearlyall contributed with no hesitation. There were a few places where no one hadthe authority to hand out cash, but the customers, one grocery clerk and abartender all dug into their own pockets.

A crisiswas averted, dogs were fed and once again, Tonasket proved to be a town fullgenerous, caring people. Kudos to you all. St. Francis is smiling on you! Thankyou, so much


Linda Maxwell


P.S. Don’t forget to bring your mutts (and pure-bred mutts) to the WaucondaMutt Show, a benefit for Howling Ridge. June 29th at 11 a.m. For informationcall (509) 486-4682.


Timeto vote out the ‘demopublicans’


Dear Editor

This is acall to the independent voter and all unhappy constituents to put the donkeysand elephants out to pasture. Our United States government has been dominatedby Democrats and Republicans long enough. Too long, under a smoke screen ofsquabbling they seem to have merged into demopublicans.

In retrospect, it seems to me, thecomplex of the United Nations is within our borders. Our steel mills have beensold to foreign countries. Our industries are outsourcing to use cheaperlaborers and charging higher prices to the laborer who lost his job. Through”the right to choose,” a generation of American’s has been aborted without theopportunity to achieve their potential. A working social security has beenallowed to erode. The Panama Canal, that our nation built, is no longer underour control. We are tolerating illegal workers to invade our country and forceAmerican workers to go on welfare.

Our courtsno longer interpret the law, they make it and congress allows it. The cost ofcourt is so time-consuming and costly that only the affluent can now see whatwas once “justice for all.” The demopublicans endorsed the decision to go towar in Iraq to promote democracy there and to give oppressed people there theright to vote and government.

In theprimary election held in Washington State Feb. 19, 2008, the Independent alongwith the unhappy democrats and republicans, were required (under oath) to”consider themselves to be a democrat” or “declare themselves to be a member ofthe Republican Party” and only vote for the candidate for the party theydesignated when they signed the oath. If you voted and did not sign the oath,your vote was thrown out. If you were an Independent and signed the oath, youlied – “perjury.” So you were denied the right, “your fundamental right,” tovote in a Washington State tax-paid-for election.

I wrote tothe Secretary of State, Sam Reed, and protested tax dollars being used to payfor an election in which registered voters were not allowed to vote and hereplied, “The decision to require the party oath on the ballot was made by thepolitical parties.”

When political parties can deny and American the right tovote their power is too great and tyrannical.

It is timeto vote them out of office. My candid advice is to vote the Democrats andRepublicans out of office.

Sedate Evey Bretthauer

Malo, Washington