Letters to the Editor Week 24

Already a better way

I feel the needto express a few thoughts on the initiative process of our state. It is myunderstanding that it was put into being to give the citizens a voice whentheir elected officials would ignore a need. Recently refusing to sign theinitiative relating to the teaching of the constitution resulted in mypatriotism being questioned.

I checked withthe Tonasket school on whether we do teach about our national constitution.Fortunately I was able to talk with one of the two teachers that do cover thisvery subject. They spend 18 weeks on the junior high level on U.S. History. Ofthis period of time, five weeks are devoted to our national constitution. Also,the student has to write a paper dealing with a constitutional problem. Itseems to me this is an ideal way to cover our nation’s blueprint. It shouldhelm them to remember it’s importance far longer than us passing another lawand then sitting back and forgetting about it.


Al Biggs



Bickering is pointless

Conservable-Liberitive.So many categories. Hawks and hippies on the ends of the spectrum, I suppose,with average-Joe (not the plumber) in between.

Our country isbuilt on, works as, and is being split by our ethnic and ideological soup ofopinions. Hey! We’re most all Americans, by God! This bickering is pointless,fruitless, and worse, dangerous to the fiber of our nation itself.  The whiners (no names needed) need toproceed with their lives, and quit trying to rip apart this administration’severy move. Like it or not, your views are just that. Yours. Just one of somany billions.

You have, wehave, I have many neighbors, most Americans (and some that are not that are agreat part of our system. An irreplaceable cog on the wheel of the economy) andthey may or may not see things your way. Deal with it.

This countryneeds a heartfelt, all around trued in this political poop. Hate withers all.Love nurtures, grows, blossoms.

Just frank andearnest,

Dan Dixon