Letters to the Editor, Oct. 27 issue

The real Old Coffee Drinker

Dear Editor

No cultural society is perfect because one of the aspects is that the society is made up of humans and, in my opinion, there are no perfect humans. One of the maladies of imperfection is that imperfect humans, of which I am one, often make assumptions. All too often, when assumptions are made, they are taken as fact without checking out their accuracy.

I’m sure that we could come up with a myriad of examples of what I just wrote and so on the lighter side I’m going to use the example of a previous letter to the editor that was submitted by a Mr. Connot. Now, I’ve never met Mr. Connot, so this has no personal reflection. But, in his letter he referred to the Old Coffee Drinker as being Mr. Lorz, and then mentioned something about when President Obama speaks he uses a teleprompter and he made the interesting comment that all previous presidents also used a teleprompter.

Two glaring inaccuracies are present. To my knowledge, the Old Coffee Drinker never made any such comment about teleprompters and secondly, I really doubt that Mr. Lorz appreciates being aligned with the views of the Coffee Drinker. I happen to know Mr. Lorz and find him to be a very strong and astute person. A person whom I respect even though I may not always agree with what he writes. Agreement with a person before being able to respect that person seems to be a poor foundational premise that one has before respect.

And, besides. With a question mark following the word coffee it reflects the thought that the coffee drinker adds something to his coffee, other than sugar and cream. Sorry, this coffee drinker has only black and sour coffee that comes from water and the coffee bean. I know that there is such a concoction called ‘ÄúIrish coffee’Äù but then I know that I don’t, and I believe that Mr. Lorz doesn’t, drink the Irish version.

Anyway, I’ve had fun making such a response and I do hope that all of us make an effort to check our assumptions before making any assertions ‘Äì to all ‘Äì have a good day and great weekend, and an incredible life.

The Old Coffee Drinker,

Randy Middleton


Did teleprompter make him do it?

Dear Editor,

I have found it difficult to write something about our Divine Dictator without John from Everett regurgitating his usual insults. This is the expected response from those who are given the duty of defending our President.

First, did the media make fun of Palin for reading notes she had written on her hand? And while reading those notes did she thank herself, as the president did while reading a teleprompter at the St. Patrick’s Day party he threw at the Whitehouse? Would any of the candidates running for president need a teleprompter to speak to a class of sixth graders? Was the community organizer who was magically transformed into President using a teleprompter when he informed us that he had visited 57 states and had a couple more to see? Or is this how he sounds when he is not using a teleprompter?

Does the teleprompter tell Him that it’s OK for marriage to be a union with Harry and Larry or Molly and Mabel, or that He needed to sue the state of Arizona for enforcing constitutional law concerning illegal aliens, or that by throwing away trillions of dollars in stimulus packages we can get our fiscal house in order, or that with his health care plan people need to be fined if they can’t afford health insurance, and that 16,000 new IRS agents will be hired to “help” with this plan, or that gun running into Mexico is just another activity that the FBI and His Attorney General should be part of, or that it is the duty of federal government to create jobs?

It is not that He uses a teleprompter; it is the wisdom that He reads from it that is troubling. I think the question is, if Elmer Fudd were running for president would the people of this nation reelect Obama, and could we afford another four years of this hope and change? I see the signs around that say: Save Medicare Fire Cathy McMorris, this makes me question, if we are going to save the nation would we fire the teleprompter or the one reading it?

Steve Lorz