Letters to the Editor, March 31

Canola crusher prepares to begin

It has come to my attention that agreat deal of gossip has been generated about the new Carbon Cycle Crushoperation in the old ORO Fruit Company building. I have been closely watchingthe progress and how the coordinated efforts of a few have brought this companyto where it is today.

      Whereis it today? They are preparing to begin.

      CarbonCycle Crush is receiving machinery, finishing final interviews of employees,completing plans and budgets of the coming year, identifying start-up dates, aswell as shift and construction needs. Truck doors have been completed and arefacing Cherry Street. The inside of the building is being changed to acceptmachinery and bids for future construction are being reviewed. Contracts fortrucking seed and sale of the meal are being finalized. As soon as permittingand change of occupancy is complete, the operational portion will begin.

      CarbonCycle Crush has temporarily hired Pam Leslie, a person prepared and amplyqualified to answer your gossip, questions, or inquiries regarding theoperation. She can be reached at the CCC office: (509) 476-3667. I, ArnieMarchand, am also available for questions and can be reached at (509) 476-2440.

Arnie Marchand


Let the people decide cuts

All of these cuts the Congress is proposing don't amount to much more than window dressing. Not until you get everything on the table can we really make some progress in reducing deficit spending. So let's  
put everything on the table: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid,  Military Spending (including the two unfunded wars) and Tax Cuts for  everyone (the majority of which goes to rich). My guess is that most  Americans would cut the wars, the military and tax cuts (mainly to the rich) first.  Send us all out a form and let the American people make the cuts. One other little local money maker.  Perhaps Kinross could chip in by sharing, say, 20 percent of the gold they are taking off federal lands.
Rob Thompson

The Keynesian myth

Bill, this is a fine editorial example of how not tocome to grips with the total problem. I agree completely, stuffing one’s faceat the Public Trough must come to an end. But, whose doing the real stuffing?

Corporate dollars pay for the spreading of themessage that the guilty are the laborers. We’ve been seeing lots of newscoverage about government union laborer contracts suggesting that is theproblem. Hmm…I’m ashamed of you William. Dig deeper. There are two sectorsslopping at that public trough, employees and contractors. I agree completely,our system is flawed. I disliked economics 101, never trusted the theories.However, I’m also certain that the real waste of public dollars is not comingfrom paying laborers in the Post Office or at the IRS…and no, I don’t favorthe IRS. It’s coming from continuing the drive to fund the private sector fromthe public trough. Or, Bill, think of it this way: of the TARP bailout dollars(and remember that was a GWB, GOP started program). How much of that publicmoney went to unions versus how much went to CITIGroup and Bank of America?However, here’s the big message: you and I are in total agreement! We both wantto stop the wasteful slopping at the public trough. Dig deeper into who isslopping more at the public trough and come back and tell the readers who thereal slop hogs are.

I look forward to the editorial. Oh, and remember,when you look at the contractors, be sure to look at Defense contracts.