Letters to the Editor, April 12, 2012

World class presentation

Dear Gary,
Kinross is doing it AGAIN!! Their geologists are presenting another class through North Valley Community Schools on geologic formations in the Okanogan and principals of mineral deposit formations. Examples of local deposits will be shown to the evening class and then Saturday morning will feature a tour of a working mine; the Kinross Gold Mine on Buckhorn Mountain.
What a great experience! The first class and tour, given by Peter Cooper also included a bus tour through the Okanogan Highlands. He explained the historic movements of the North American Plates as well as mineral deposit formations.
Last fall Community Schools treated the students to a very interesting class by Katie McConaghy on finding and tracking ore bodies as well as samples of minerals from the Okanogan Highlands. Saturday’s mine tour was supervised by Liz Wagar which included mine safety instruction, mine apparel which must be worn in a working mine and followed by a tour of several mine tunnels. She included identifying gold ore, called skarn, then took us to a building where core samples are kept and some mine vehicles are garaged.
The class coming up is on May 3rd in early evening and May 5th, Saturday morning which is part of the curriculum of the popular and expanding North Valley Community Schools.
Tamara and I have been in caverns and mines in Southern U.S., Australia, New Zealand and China, and we consider this the best we have been through worldwide. The local geologists are very knowledgeable and professional and their presentations are outstanding. To have this program right here in the North Okanogan is a special treat that every one of us can really enjoy. Many of us helped to support the mine opening and this tour makes it feel worthwhile. We are pleased to have the geologists living in Oroville and we thank Kinross for bringing them here and for the mine that is so safety and environmentally conscious. We consider this mine tour and geology class a world class presentation.
Stan Porter

Rep. wearing Republican blinders

Dear Editor,
Just what poll is Republican Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers reading (Is there a Republican “War on Women” 4-5-12) with her claims the Democrats and the media are just making the issue up?
I googled several polls after reading her remarks and found President Obama is leading Republican candidate Romney among women by 51 to 42 in battleground states. And the gap continues to grow almost weekly. Also he is in other polls by greater margins!
Perhaps McMorris Rodgers should check with high ranking Republican Senators – Murkowski and McCain who both have issued warnings to their fellow party members about the dangerous campaign the Republican Party is currently waging on women’s rights and healthcare.
As a husband and a father of a daughter I find it appalling this Congresswoman cannot see beyond her Republican blinders and her party’s attempt to push back women’s rights 60 years.
William F. Johnston

Honestly in our town

Dear Editor,
Last Friday after drawing money out of the bank for a future trip, I did a bit of shopping at Frontier and Princes Grocery stores. Saturday morning I realized that my wallet was missing. I have a bad habit of putting it in the basket with my groceries, sometimes almost not taking it out. I phoned both stores, no wallets turned in. I was frantic, my life is in that wallet, all sorts of I.D. and debit/credit cards. I tore the house apart looking for it. I just knew that I would never see it again and was hoping that my cards were not being used.
About that time there was a knock on the door. There stood a little Hispanic boy with my wallet in his hand. I asked him where he had found the wallet, he asked his mother, whom spoke very little English, he then told me that his Papa had found it in a basket at Princes parking lot. His Papa took it home and they looked in it to find out who’s it was. Thinking it was too late to bring it to my house they decided to wait for morning. I gave the little boy a big hug and a small reward for bringing it back to me, he was happy. I was so relieved and happy that I did not ask for their names or anything! The wallet was in my hand again and not a thing missing! Thank you! Thank you!
June Bardonski

Keep marijuana illegal

Dear Gary,
Thanks for the free paper! I won’t subscribe though ’til you let me or someone correct your punctuation before it goes to print! I have enough work to do without having to pay for it.
Your editorial on legislating marijuana intrigued me because the option I prefer wasn’t mentioned. I vote we keep it illegal. Why do you think they call it dope? Years ago the Lord Jesus Christ convicted me to make a choice between it and him. It’s devastating now to admit that as a hippy/Jesus freak at the time (70’s). I knew it was/is more than that. It’s a lifestyle choice. It’s who my friends are – those I can trust. They say marijuana isn’t addictive but I beg to differ. I was very addicted to it. To the point that I’d east just rice if I had to choose. And it was cheaper then! Now I’m addicted to the ministry – the only biblically correct, and loving it. Helping people. No longer part of the problem. Part of the solution! Sure alcohol is also a drug. He helped me get rid of that too! Jesus isn’t just for Christmas and Resurrection celebrations. He died to set us free!
It would be wise for us to check out societies where marijuana is legal to see what could happen to us. I agree with Pat Robertson that we don’t need to incarcerate all users and dealers, but they can serve our communities in other ways. The encyclopedia says marijuana contains more than 400 chemicals. The argument that they are all natural would lead us to believe night shade would also be a good choice! It works in the blood stream by clogging the capillaries with clumps of corpuscles. Not nice to think of! Let’s keep it illegal.
Margo Thompson,