La Ultima, the ultimate find

Dear Editor,

My husband and I are from the Canadian Okonagan Valley. Over the past five years, we have come to love the American Okanogon and have passed through Tonasket regularly on our way to the Methow Valley. At the garlic festival a couple of years ago, we were wooed by the excellent tamales made by Michael and his family from La Ultima. We decided we had to try the restaurant the next time through and soon it became a necessary stop each time we ventured south.

When we decided to marry this year in Twisp this year, we thought our Canadian relatives would love a true tamale experience. We asked Michael if his family could prepare tamales for 60 and he smiled and said they would be honored. Our plan was to pick up the tamales the day before the wedding but Michael had one look at our small car and insisted he and his children do the delivery for us on the wedding day. He arrived at the hall right on time with tamales for all, extra rice, beans, salsa and chips.

La Ultima was a complete hit with the crowd and Michael refused to accept payment or mileage compensation for the 120 mile return trip. What a wonderful family and what great food. Tonasket is fortunate to have “La Ultima” as part of its community!

Kerry Bokenfohr

Vernon, B.C.