Help support OK-SNIP

Dear Editor,

I would like to make a plea to Okanogan County residents.

Okanogan County has a population of 41,411 (2011 Census), if we could get every person to send one dollar to Okanogan Regional Spay and Neuter Clinic (OK-SNIP) we could be back up and running in 2013. In the short time that the clinic has been open over 2,200 dogs and cats have been spayed or neutered.

There has been a person working on getting donations and grants. But both are slow in coming.

This is a time for giving, can you please find it in your heart to send one dollar for every person in your family? The clinic can open back up with your help. What a way to teach our kids to give back to the community. You can go to the OK-SNIP webpage and donate or mail your money to P.O. Box 3385, Omak, WA. 98841.

Don’t let our community lose the opportunity to be able to have a low income spay and neuter clinic. Please help support OK-SNIP.

Amy Denton