Does Sen. Smith owe favors?

Dear Editor,

Elections in large districts can be difficult for voters. It is difficult to personally know the candidates. Over the years we hear campaign promises and after the election those we have voted into office develop amnesia. We read the letters to the editor and wonder about the information shared.

I for the first time in my 30 plus years of voting decided to check the State PDC (Campaign funds raised by candidates, it lists who gave and how much) I was shocked by the amount of money our current State Senator has received from outside the 7th District. Whereas, Brian Dansel’s funds are all local businesses and people.

After researching those figures I went to the candidate’s County Auditor’s web-site and found the voting results of the Primary. 63 percent of Smith’s neighbors, those who know him best, voted against him. Interestedly, I found that the town of Colville where Smith has had several businesses and interactions, voted against Smith by 59 percent.

On the other hand, Brian Dansel received 77 percent of his neighbors’ vote.

If you are like me and have limited personal knowledge of a person’s character and actions, just look for those who do. After all my research I will be voting for Brian Dansel and am sharing with any, and all who will listen, because I want a Senator who doesn’t owe favors to special interest groups and has gained the respect of his neighbors.

Jeanie Thompson

Kettle Falls, Washington