Daredevil pedestrians

Dear Editor,

On the streets of Oroville I have noticed with increasing regularity a situation that will result in serious injury or death. Pedestrians at crosswalks just stepping out in front of moving vehicles without any thought that the drivers may not have enough room to stop. I have even seen this in front of loaded trailer trucks, which may weigh 80,000 pounds or more! How in your wildest imagination do you think it will defy physics just because some special snowflake just walked in front of it? Then imagine what the poor driver will have to live with the rest of their life after they scrape you up like roadkill?

I actually think it is a psychosis I will call Walmartitis. This all started when Wal-Mart put the crosswalks in their parking lots. These same sufferers also think all toilets flush themselves, as evident if you ever enter the bathrooms at Veteran’s Park on Lake Osoyoos.

Seriously, didn’t your mother ever teach you look both ways before you cross the street?

Linda Heagy