Commissioners' duty to uphold the law

Dear Gary,

Commissioner Jim DeTro commented on Facebook that he supported the actions of the armed people who unlawfully took over the Malheur wildlife area in Oregon. Protesting is a time honored way of giving voice to one’s differences about issues, but an armed takeover of state lands, public lands, my lands, causing disruption of work, school and everyday life, with the threat of violence, is certainly not a peaceful protest.

I find it sad and very disturbing that a county commissioner views these actions as a conspiracy of the federal, state, and county governments rather than as a conspiracy of so-called patriots to cause harm. People are of course entitled to their views, but as a county commissioner of Okanogan County there is a duty to uphold the laws of our nation, and, I think, to avoid fanning the flames of conspiracy theorists.

I hope the Gazette-Tribune does some reporting on this as I think county residents on all sides of the issue would b e very interested in a full explanation of his views.

Sandra Vaughn