Appreciate the work done behind the scenes

Dear Editor,

So many people work so hard behind the scenes to make May Day a fun day for everyone. I think it is time to say thank you to these guys.

We all take for granted that the parade line up and 3 on 3 will have porta potties. This is thanks to Mike Tibbs who has for many years set them out in the morning and picked them up in the evening. He has volunteered this service without asking for payment to even cover the cost of TP and chemicals! A lot of time and work!

Another person is Gary Bull who every year rounds up the street barricades and sets them out and has people direct traffic. He also rounds up golf carts for the parade judges as well a working with the kids games.

And of course, there is Ken Neal who has announced the parade for over 30 years. Wow, talk about dedication.

Just three guys that have worked hard so that we can enjoy May Day. Thank you guys and also the others that spend their May Day in service to the rest of us that gather for the fun.

Linda Schwilke