Affordable Care Act not so affordable

Dear Editor,

October 1 was the beginning of sign up for the “Affordable Care Act,” (all sarcasm intended)! However for some time now, massive layoffs have been occurring, along with hours being cut below 29, because employers can’t afford this! Even the unions are realizing what they signed on to and are crying for exemptions!

If I am mistaken about this, someone please correct me. I did not see any photo op from the Oval Office with President Obama signing up himself and his family first for the health plan with his name attached to it! I was always told the best leaders lead by example.

I didn’t see any member of the House or Senate signing up either!

That would be because the President, the House and Senate all gave themselves exemptions! Large corporations and other friends of Obama also have exemptions! If this was supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread, why is everybody but the average American getting some type of exemption? On the official White House website, up until a day or so ago, the word free was there in reference to health care. It has been removed!

Even the most devout followers out there ought to be smelling something fishy by now!

After seeing all the recent abuses at the IRS and all the glitches at the state and national level in implementing this un-Constitutional action, (it was not properly ratified by the House after it left the Senate, look it up), do you really feel good about putting your life and the lives of your families in the hands of these so called “public servants” and their administrators?

Tell your “public servants” if it’s not good enough for them, you want the whole thing scrubbed!

David Wolosik