A valuable gift

Dear Editor,

All true Christians, of all dominations, start preparing for an answer. All people who have spiritual concept, but do not follow any “religion.” All tribal orders start moving in a rhythm as one. Such as the Rainbow Family, Native Americans, Hawaiians and Alaskan natives, including bikers across the nation.

Those who believe in a higher power, keep your faith in what you’re seeing. Young men and women do not worry about your future or the shape of things to come. What people do not understand is that we are all connected by the power of essence. The “sense of being” or in the spiritual concept that we are aware that exists.

All wildlife, their spirit follows the power that keeps all life in rhythm and in perpetual motion. That power has no beginning or end.

Evil is a real power that also works against its light. We see it everyday in our world. Human life is not meant to feel like it has not value, that someone would kill for no reason. Like the young man who killed his mother, then went to the school where she worked and killed innocent children, teachers and their principal – and then killed himself just recently.

All life is precious, both the high and the low. It follows a circular motion. Just as the changing of the season or the symbols man, woman, birth, death, infinity.

We are all subjects of time, but on time we depend. Good people try to leave a legacy that will live on when they are gone or their book is closed.

Then another one will be opened.

All you “doomsday” preppers, maybe your world might end, but for many others it will be a new beginning.

What some people do not seem to understand or even see is that the world is hardly ever born. When the Book that holds the grace of what we are and what we shall become comes to a close, then it will be entirely open and all mankind will understand the purpose of life and the value of the gift that we were given.

Jerry Hutchins