Dear Gary,

I write this with tears in my eyes and pain in my heart as I now realize that the NVH Commissioners have abused and violated our trust.

Many of us are deeply wounded by the Board’s decision to support an administration that has so traumatically affected our community, with obvious deficiencies in their job knowledge and/or integrity, over the very community that has so generously given their trust and until recently the benefit of the doubt that maybe the unthinkable was true and the assisted living was the problem.

Even hearing the board and administration keep saying the AL was losing an average of $116,000 a year and them not answering why the hospital has been taking an average of 220,000 a year of our tax money from AL didn’t really want to sink in because we wanted so much to believe that they cared about our community and seniors as much as we do. And yet there is so much more than just the tax money they are taking.

The thought that we have been so hard on the picketers and “rabble rousers” in defense of those commissioners that have been a part of our community for so long, only to find those very commissioners have chosen an overpaid “outsider” over the needs of the very people that have supported them makes me ill.

Well, they’ve gotten away with it and we let them. I hope the families of the nursing home residence are preparing themselves and their loved ones because Wenatchee Valley doesn’t run assisted living or nursing home programs.

Elona Tracy