Legacy Project to feature Blue Star Mothers in October

Submitted photo
The Blue Star Mothers flag will be flying over the U.S. Armed Forces Memorial in Tonasket for the month of October. Gold stars have also been added to the plaques to honor those killed or missing in action.

NORTH CENTRAL WASHINGTON – The US. Armed Forces Legacy Memorial in Tonasket will be featuring the Blue Star Mothers this month.

Submitted photo
Gold stars on plaques at the U.S. Armed Forces Legacy site honor those killed or missing in action.

The Blue Star Banner was raised over the memorial Sept. 30 on National Gold Star Mothers Day as blue star mothers in the area trimmed the plaques of those Killed in Action (KIA) and Missing in Action (MIA) with a gold star.

A Blue Star Mother becomes a Gold Star Mother if her child is killed while serving. The placing of

the gold stars is meant to honor the mother who lost that son or daughter.

As you drive by the memorial on Highway 97 south of Tonasket and see the yellow stars standing

out against the black granite, please say a prayer for each one our community has sent and lost to war and remember the mother and family that contributed dearly towards our freedom.

“…because every soldier has a mother.”