CCC upgrades to wheelchair-accessible

GTcccADA-47TONASKET – Generous donations by the community have enabled Tonasket’s Community Cultural Center to become wheel-chair accessible with the pouring of a concrete slab that angles in to the front door.

CCC Executive Director Tracy Vance said $25,000 was raised for the project.

“We’ve been fundraising for a couple years, and all the proceeds from the art auction in the spring were dedicated to this project,” said Vance. “It’s pretty exciting. After they finish the work, in the spring we will have an open house to celebrate.”

Vance said Bob and Jane Thompson are doing the work.

“It’s coming together pretty quickly,” said Vance. “People tell me, ‘I drove by today and saw a bunch more work done on it,’ and I tell them, ‘Well, drive by again tomorrow and there will be a bunch more work finished.'”

The CCC is used for community events ranging from art classes for children to concerts, indoor yard sales, Christmas bazaars and educational events. The CCC served a vital purpose for the community as a resource center for people in need during the 2015 wildfires.