Mountain Homes named top Redman and Moduline retailer in Washington

COLVILLE – Champion Home Builders of Weiser, Idaho, builders of Redman and Moduline homes, announced that Mountain Homes, with sales centers in Colville and Okanogan was “by far, our number one Washington retailer” for the second consecutive year.

“Congratulations to you and your team again this year for making a strong statement in our northwestern marketing area,” said Ric Martin of Champion’s Idaho facility.

“We are extremely pleased with the year we have had, considering the market has been tougher this year and we were still not only able to hold our own, but retain position of number one in Washington,” said Jerry Gallo, owner of Mountain Homes.

Gallo said that the “decision to carry the Chukarbery Cabins, along with our aggressive philosophy to stay in the smaller markets with a heavy emphasis on high quality homes and local services contributed to our success.”

Mountain Homes is located in Okanogan at 2936 Cameron Lake Road, the intersection of Highway 97 and Cameron Lake Road. More information is available at (509) 422-2440.