Oroville will sponsor rural library funding application

OROVILLE – The Oroville City Council gave the nod to the Friends of the Library to pursue federal funding to help build a new public library, a goal the group has been working on for the past several years.

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Darren Hicks (right) and a fellow Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer. File photo

Oroville man survives Coast Guard helicopter crash

ELIZABETH CITY, NC – Darren Hicks from Oroville was one of five crewmen aboard a Coast Guard MH-60T Jayhawk rescue helicopter that crashed in the Uinta Mountains about 50 miles east of Salt Lake City, Utah Wednesday, March 3.

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Oroville High School students (front, L-R) Abril Lopez, Jessica McAllister, Laurel Griffin, Serena Carper and (back row) Tiffany Roberts, Morgan Roloff and Austianna Quick in a web cam shot as they meet face-to-face over the internet with students in Jala

Oroville girls receive big dose of Afgan culture via Skype

OROVILLE – Following months of discussions on the Global Connections and Exchange social networking site, Oroville High School senior Serena Carper organized a Skype call for six girls in her class and more than 15 girls in Jalalabad in Afghanistan.

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NV Hospital working on bringing in more revenue

TONASKET – During the regular North Valley Hospital District board meeting on Thursday, Feb. 25, the board heard a presentation about a program which will help improve the billing cycle and bring in more revenue to the district.

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Tonasket is a ‘pedestrian zone’

TONASKET – The Tonasket City Council continued their discussion on the fact that the city is a pedestrian zone, meaning there is no jaywalking within town, during their meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 23.

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Oroville school enrollment remains higher than predicted

OROVILLE – Each summer the school board builds a budget based on what they think the enrollment will be the following year – Oroville chooses to be conservative in their estimates, but this year enrollment has been surprisingly higher than expected.

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Oroville seeking letters supporting transfer of state park to city

OROVILLE – Oroville wants Osoyoos Lake Veterans Memorial State park to be transferred to the city and is seeking the public’s support.

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Tonasket School Board still working on final levy amount

TONASKET – The Tonasket School Board discussed the levy at their regular board meeting on Monday, Feb. 22 but decided they still needed more information to determine a final amount.

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Steve Quick

Principal Steve Quick selected as new Oroville School Superintendent

OROVILLE – Although the job was widely advertised, the Oroville School Board had to look no further than from within the district to find their new superintendent, current OHS Principal Steve Quick.

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Oroville area voters approve $1.5 million school levy

OROVILLE – It appears voters in the OrovilleSchool District have listened to the arguments in favor of a two-year $1.497million Maintenance and Operations Levy and gave it their approval.

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