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George Daly

George Daly personified the term “gentleman.” At 96 years of age, his heart tuckered out, but he remained gracious and witty up to the end.

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The 2010 Tonasket High School track team at their banquet on Tuesday, June 8, where they were given awards and letters for their participation on the track team. Photo by Emily Hanson

Tigers given track awards

TONASKET – The 2010 Tonasket High School track team members were presented with awards and letters for their participation on the team this past season.

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Three Lady Tigers receive softball CTL awards

TONASKET – Three Lady Tigers from the 2010 Tonasket High School softball team earned Caribou Trail All League Awards and were presented with them at their banquet last month.

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The 2010 Tonasket High School Baseball team at their banquet on Wednesday, June 9 at First Bible Church in Tonasket. Photo by Emily Hanson

Tiger baseball CTL Sportsmanship recipients

TONASKET – The Tonasket High School baseball team received the Caribou Trail League Sportsmanship Award for the 2010 team, the head coach announced at the team’s banquet on Wednesday, June 9.

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Filmmakers Geoff Klein and Mo Fine, seen here with friend Mark Bertoglio and Bart Traubek, owner of Alpine Brewery, discuss the upcoming Tumble Weed Film Festival at Alpine Brewery in Oroville. Traubek, whose brewery will be one of the venues for the fest

Seattle filmmakers bringing festival of short films to Oroville

  OROVILLE – Two Seattle filmmakers who specialize in short features have decidedto bring the first ever Tumble Weed Film Festival to Oroville this Aug. 6 and7.
    Calling their project “The Film Festival for Filmmakers byFilmmakers” Geoff Klein and Mo Fine say the biggest reason they are doing the Tumbleweedis because they love films and they want to introduce more people to shortfilms. Short films, unlike full-length features can be anywhere from 10 minutesto half an hour or so. Klein and Fine have been soliciting short films fromaround the world and have already gotten responses from the U.S., Spain, Italyand Germany, with more coming in to be previewed.

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FTC to newspapers: We’re from the government and we’re here to help.

A reader from Cashmere asked me to review the Federal Trade Commission’s “Discussion Draft” on reinventing journalism. The document begins with a statement that seems innocent enough, “We seek to prompt discussion of whether to recommend policy changes to support the ongoing ‘reinvention’ of journalism, and, if so, which specific proposals appear most useful, feasible, platform-neutral, resistant to bias, and unlikely to cause unintended consequences in addressing emerging gaps in news coverage.” But a thorough reading reveals the real truth, having succeeded in nationalizing the automotive industry and the health industry, Federal bureaucrats are now setting their sights on the newspaper industry. The 47 page document ultimately degenerates to a massive expansion of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and a raft of proposals that will exacerbate the economic problems of the very industry they claim to need to reinvent.

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Letters to the Editor Week 24

Already a better way

I feel the needto express a few thoughts on the initiative process of our state. It is myunderstanding that it was put into being to give the citizens a voice whentheir elected officials would ignore a need. Recently refusing to sign theinitiative relating to the teaching of the constitution resulted in mypatriotism being questioned.

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Willie Ives, Omak, Jeremy Ives’ cousin, riding in the Jeremy Ives Open Bull Riding Memorial on Saturday, June 5. Photo by Terry Mills

Over $14,000 paid out at 6th Annual Jeremy Ives Open Bull Riding Memorial

TONASKET – Over $14,000 was paid out among the top 10 riders at the 6th Annual Jeremy Ives Open Bull Riding Memorial, held at the Tonasket Rodeo Grounds on Friday, June 4 and Saturday, June 5 in conjunction with the 75th Tonasket Founders Day Weekend.

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U.S. Border Patrol seizes ‘BC Bud’ near Chesaw

CHESAW – U.S. Border Patrol agents seized approximately $350,000 worth of high-grade marijuana also known as “BC Bud” near Chesaw on May 14.

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Tonasket junior Brett Hendrick prepares to hit the ball back to his opponent during the State Tennis Tournament in Yakima on Friday, May 28. Hendrick won his first match against Sully Blake of St. George’s 6-0, 6-0, lost his second match against Daniel

Brett Hendrick finished sixth at state tennis

YAKIMA – For the second consecutive year, Tonasket tennis player Brett Hendrick placed sixth at the Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association’s 1B/2B/1A State Tennis Tournament at the Yakima Tennis Center, held on Friday, May 28 and Saturday, May 29.

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