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Woodrow ‘Woody’ Ball

Woodrow ‘Woody’ Ball passed away July 17, 2009 in Tucson, Ariz. He was born in Newfoundland, Canada, raised a family in Tucson and joined the Tonasket community when he married longtime Tonasket resident, Ruth Corum Pruitt Ball in 1989. They divided their time between Tonasket and Tucson and traveled widely in the U.S. and Canada until her death in 2005. He took an active part in the Tonasket community, attending the Tonasket United Church of Christ, Kiwanis, contributed many hours to Habitat for Humanity projects and his yellow Ford Model T roadster appeared in many area parades. He had many friends in the Tonasket area who are saddened by his passing.

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Sheriff’s standoff with suicidal man ends safely for all

TONASKET – No one was injured during a standoff with a suicidal subject south of Tonasket on Wednesday, Aug. 12.

Sheriff Frank Rogers said a call came in at around 2:15 p.m. advising the Sheriff’s Office of a suicidal subject near Ellisforde sitting in his vehicle with a handgun.

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Out of My Mind 9

Hardto play the game if you don’t know the rules

The federal Department ofLabor is inspecting family farms in Okanogan County and so far it sounds likethey are asking orchardists to play a game in which the DOL doesn’t want to letthe farmer in on the rules.

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I hate to say I told you so — but I told you so

During the previous administration my liberal minded friends would routinely ask me if I was sorry I had voted for Bush yet. Well, now I submit that same question about Obama – are you sorry yet?

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Letters to the Editor, Week 34

Content of their character causes concern



I’m writing in response toDan Dixon’s letter insinuating that I, along with other white men who didn’twant to see Sonya Sotomayor appointed to the Supreme Court now think we “arebeing turned into second class citizens.” The point in my last letter was thatS.S. is not qualified because she is an activist judge and that her decisionsas an appeallet court judge bear that out. She opposed a group of fireman in areverse discrimination law suit. But maybe, from her point of view there is nosuch thing as reverse discrimination.

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Letters to the Editor Week 33

Nurse was calm and kind

Dear Editor,

We are looking to thank a nurse who lives somewhere in Nighthawk. A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I were in a very bad car accident…

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Officer Chris Patterson

Over 300 show support for Oroville Police Officer Chris Patterson

OROVILLE – Over 300 dinners were served during a benefit dinner for Oroville Police Officer Chris Patterson, who hit a cow with his patrol car on Wednesday, June 24.

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A fire on Whiskey Mountain being fought on Thursday, July 23. The fire, along with 97 others in Okanogan, Ferry, Stevens and Ponderay counties, as well as the north half of Lincoln County, were caused by lighting strikes from July 23 through Sunday, July

Ninety-eight fires caused by lightening in NC Washington

OKANOGAN COUNTY – Ninety-eight fires were caused by lightning from Thursday, July 23 through Sunday, July 26.

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Oroville City Clerk/Treasurer Kathy Jones being honored by Oroville Mayor Chuck Spieth for 35 years of dedicated service to the city. Photo by Emily Hanson

Oroville will assume ownership of state park

OROVILLE – The City Council signed a resolution stating their intent to assume ownership and operation of the Lake Osoyoos Veterans Memorial State Park facility during their regular meeting on Tuesday, July 21.

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Oroville School Board approves extracurriculars for next year

OROVILLE – The School Board approved the extracurricular program for the 2009-2010 school year during their regular meeting on Monday, July 27.

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