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Letters to the EditorWeek 43

Local healthcare providers opposing ‘assisted suicide’ initiative

Dear Editor:

I am writing as a physician (along with several other healthcare providers) to express our opposition to Initiative 1000 – an initiative to legalize assisted suicide in our state.

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Lula M. Thornton Weaver

Lula M. Thornton Weaver, age 83 of Tonasket, died on Oct. 1, 2008 at her home in Tonasket.

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School board meeting begins and ends on positive notes

TONASKET-All is good on the Tonasket School District front.

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Does Okanogan County need a public transportation system?

OKANOGAN – Does Okanogan County need a public transportation system, a special meeting was held last Wednesday begin discussion on the topic?

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Letters to the Editor Week 41

CRAhad zero to do with financial meltdown

Dear Editor,

            BillSlusher is back! I guess we can all look forward to another series of lettersin which everything wrong with America can be blamed on poor blacks, liberalsand previous Democratic presidents. If only it was that easy. Mr. Slusherquotes Ann Coulter (No doubt a real expert on Wall Street and macro economics!)in his letter entitled “Regulations subjugated in the name of politicscorrectness.” His central point seems to be that the financial melt-down wascaused by previous Democratic administrations demanding that bankers andmortgage companies loan money to unqualified customers.

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Tonasket volleyball improves league standing

TONASKET – The Tonasket girls’ volleyball team won both their games last week while on the road.

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Tonasket Tigers beat Brewster Bears 41-7

BREWSTER-The Tonasket Tigers brought in their first league football game while on the road in Brewster on Friday, Oct. 3.

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<p align="right"><em>Photo by Emily Hanson </em></p><p>Tonasket girls Shelby Olma (24) and Meghan Newton (4) racing to the ball against Liberty Bell’s Miranda Glenn (7) and Jennie Stahl (5) in the Thursday, Oct. 2 game. The Tigers lost to Liberty Bell 4

Tigers lose two games in one week

TONASKET-The girls’ soccer team had a hard week couple of games last week.

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Henry Peterson

Henry ‘Hank’ Alden Peterson

Henry ‘Hank” Alden Peterson, age 82 of Tonasket, was taken by the angels to heaven on Sept. 29, 2008 from the North Valley Care Center in Tonasket.

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The inside of the Wauconda Café a regular meeting place to eat and exchange news for the locals and a welcome stop for travelers along Highway 20. The new owner of Wauconda’s only commercial district will collect lease money from the restaurant, the po

Want to buy a town? One for sale on e-bay

WAUCONDA – A search for “town for sale” on e-bay will find it. The town of Wauconda is now officially for sale.

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