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Gary DeVon is the managing editor of the Okanogan Valley Gazette-Tribune and celebrated his 25th year at the newspaper in August 2012. He graduated from Gonzaga University with a degree in Communications - Print Journalism, with an emphasis in photojournalism. He is a proud alumnus of Oroville High School. His family first settled in Okanogan County in the late 1800s. His parents are Judy DeVon and the late Larry DeVon and he has two younger brothers - Dante and Michael. Many family members still call Oroville home. He has a grown daughter, Segornae Douglas and a young granddaughter, Erin.

Stories by Gary DeVon

Two resign from Oroville School Board

OROVILLE – As their first order of business, the Oroville School Board approved the resignation of Phil Barker and Christina Rise from their number.

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Public Works Board will extend Eastside Sewer loan

OKANOGAN – Okanogan County will get some relief from the state Public Works Board in paying back the loan they took to construct the Eastlake Sewer Project.

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Out of My Mind, May 31, 2012

New Nighthawk Port of Entry is nice, but…

The new U.S. Port of Entry facility at Nighthawk is a technological wonder and features some nice touches, especially when it comes to renewable energy. The remote border crossing is the perfect place to take advantage of solar and wind energy. And to me the idea that the federal government will be able to sell back excess electricity into the grid makes a lot of sense

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Letters to the Editor, May 31, 2012

OPD should enforce leash law

Dear Editor,
Today I was driving down the road in town and saw four different people with dogs walking without a leash, don’t we have a leash law? If so why isn’t it enforced?

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When approaching the new Nighthawk U.S. Port of Entry from Canada travelers first must pass through a Radiation Portal Monitor and then proceed to the primary booth. Photo by Gary DeVon

New high-tech U.S. Port of Entry facility opens at Nighthawk

NIGHTHAWK – The new $6 million U.S. Port of Entry at Nighthawk opened with little fanfare last week, but the high-tech port has many features that will help enhance border security while better serving travelers, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

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Out of My Mind, May 24, 2012

Amazing how much we can agree on

About twice a year I get the chance to have lunch with our state representatives for the Seventh District, Joel Kretz from Wauconda and Shelly Short from Addy.
It’s always pleasant to get together with these two legislators, even if our political philosophies are sometimes worlds apart.

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Letters to the Editor, May 24, 2012

What I would be ‘for’

Dear Editor,
In answering the Old Coffee Drinker’s question from last week, about “what are you for?” The thought of the beauty pageant contestant who could only answer “world peace” came to mind.

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Camaray pool open to swimming

OROVILLE – The Camaray Motel will be allowing its pool to be used by the general public six days a week for a small fee.

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Rep. Shelly Short

Lunch with our local legislators

OROVILLE – Local legislators Joel Kretz and Shelly Short said this year’s legislative sessions were “too long,” yet not enough was accomplished in the way of budget cuts.

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PARK FIT FOR A QUEEN: Like an invasion from the north, Oroville's Lake Osoyoos Veterans Memorial was full to capacity last weekend as our Canadian neighbors celebrated the late Queen Victoria's birthday. Rod Noel, Oroville's head of the Parks Department,

Salmon Recovery at Oroville Council

OROVILLE – Don McIvor and Ken Bevis appeared before the Oroville City Council at their Tuesday, May 15 meeting to discuss salmon recovery efforts in the Upper Columbia.

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