Who is ROC?

Dear Editor, The group screaming for transparency from Okanogan County Commissioners doesn’t want public to know who they are and...

Dear Editor,

The group screaming for transparency from Okanogan County Commissioners doesn’t want public to know who they are and what they really stand for. ROC declares themselves exempt from registering with the Public Disclosure Commission or reporting their donations and expenses.

My formal complaint to the state illustrates that ROC clearly aims to influence the outcome of both Okanogan County Commissioner races. Visiting the ROC website will not land you a list of board members or any other legitimate form of disclosure.

If the public wants to know who ROC is you have to research the individual who registered the website domain and his affiliations, the person who started the GoFundMe account and his affiliations and the individuals to donated to the GoFundMe account and their affiliations. Follow the money. Read the biography of their “progressive” Seattle attorney. You will find these people are tied to environmental causes like the removal of dams, reintroduction of grizzly bears and wolves, closure of public lands, and restrictions against agriculture, grazing, timber harvesting and mining.

Thirty-one percent of their GoFundMe account is from outside the county and another 29 percent came from “anonymous” donations.

Don’t Okanogan County residents deserve to know who is responsible for these vicious attacks on our local officials? Why are out of county donors interested in a local election? The name ROC (Represent Okanogan County) is a deception! Don’t be fooled by smoke and mirrors. Sheilah Kennedy and Ray Campbell are working diligently for the people of the Okanogan.

Nicole Kuchenbuch


One thought on “Who is ROC?

  1. I am not an official member of ROC (Represent Okanogan County), but applaud the work they have done keeping our communities informed of what our County's elected and unelected employees are doing and not doing in our interests as tax paying citizens. They have volunteered to commute to, observe and report on a multitude of public meetings in Okanogan for the last couple of years. I don't know how many hundreds of hours driving, listening and reporting their observations to the rest of us who care about the future of this county, but I am grateful for their selfless service and appreciate the fact that we actually have choice in our county commissioner elections this year.
    This county is huge in geography and diverse in it's human population. Whether you are conservative, progressive, apathetic or participatory we all have a right and duty to be responsible citizens. Oversight of official county action and non-action and holding our employees accountable is part of our job as citizens.
    The world is evolving at a rapid pace and glorifying the past, and attempting to regress to an illusion of some 'greater' past is a mistake for a community in the 21st century. Rural towns and communities are dying across America. Aging populations, mechanized farming, lack of professional employment opportunities and regressive thinking are contributing to this rural abandonment. If we want Okanogan County to thrive we must come together and work to create an environment where businesses and people want to live, raise their families and flourish in harmony with our our beautiful biosphere. We are so blessed to live here, but its not easy and if we want to see a thriving community we must work together and care for each other, educate our children, plan for the future and invest in a healthy society.
    Lets work together and build a strong, diverse and thriving Okanogan County for ourselves and future inhabitants. Buy local, eat local, innovate, participate.
    Michelle Mondot
    Carlton, WA
    PS. Many homeowners in Okanogan County are part time residents, but they pay the same tax rates as full time residents but use the county services much less and have just as much interest in the future of our communities as permanent residents. I for one am thankful for the part time residents contributions to the arts, social support and a healthy biosphere with their donations and personal time and energy.

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