Tonasket Schools perform 'Winter Evening of Music

TONASKET – While the moon shifted into shadow outside, close to 300 people within were treated to an evening of music Feb. 20.

The Tonasket Middle School band and high school band and choir performed in a “Winter Evening of Music,” the score ranging from Elvis to Disney.

Teacher Patti Middleton orchestrated all of the events.

Student emcees were Deborah Rillera and Tyler Monroe. Both students are also members of the sax ensemble and high school band.

The performance included a silent auction, with about 30 items donated by local businesses, ranging for jewelry to several hours of labor by a group of high school students. The Tonasket Music Boosters helped organize the event, chaired by Susan Cooksey and Naju Bharucha. Desserts were available to attendees for an admission cost. Desserts were baked by Gywenn Godwin. Julie Buchert did photography for the band and a PowerPoint presentation was prepared by student Rocio Gutierrez.

The combined middle and high school choir includes Charity Blaney, Elizabeth Cleeman, Adeena Cleman, Melissa Dale, Jessica Gayton, Molly Hatfield, Brock Hires, Shelby Hunlock, Naiombi Jones, Stacey King, Megan McKinney, TJ Morgan, Kaitlyn Peery, Chelsey Rhoads, Jessica Rhoads, Ashlyn Salzman and Michael Salzman.

Members of the high school band are Jerian Ashley, Karl Bharucha, Ben Biernacki, Patrick Bilby, Zach Ferriell, Matthew Gschiel, Stephen Hulse, Shane Lange, Keyvanna Marthini, Keegan McCormick, Tyler Monroe, Josh Newton, Enrique Ortega, Sarah Rillera, Jessica Spear, Tyler Thornson, Peter Williams, Eli Ramplay, Michelle Timmerman and Deborah Rillera.

Members of the middle school band are Kylie Bear, Rebecca Biernacki, Aleesa Blakley, Brendon Brereton, Collier Brereton, Robbie Dahlquist, Cheyenne Gardner, Raven Goudeau, Tori Hartley, Ali Hill, Brayson Hires, Sierra Hughes, Amy Johnson, Jordan Kennedy, Amber Kilpatrick, Caleb Knowlton, Grace Maldonado, Quinn Mirick, Cayla Monroe, Desseray Morrow, Michaela Newton, Wyatt O’Brien, Laz Ortega, Eli Rampley, Jacob Rillera, Trista Romig, Jazmin Salgado, Addison Salzman, Katy Smith, Shea Smith, Jeff Stedfeld, Devin Taylor, Claire Thornton, Michelle Timmerman, Devan Utt, Zach Villalva, Mackenzie Wheeler, Johanna Wilcox, Kylan Williams, Melody Wolen, Chevelle Yeckel and Ahlia Young.