Tonasket Founders Day Rodeo Results

The kids' chicken

The kids’ chicken “race” is one of the most popular events at the Founders Day Rodeo

TONASKET – Colby Reily of Stratford, WA, claimed the 8th Annual Jeremy Ives Memorial Bullriding title at the Tonasket Founders Day Rodeo on June 1-2, as the only bullrider to score in the short go to conclude the competition.

Of the eight finalists, seven were thrown from their bulls before completing their ride. Reily’s 84 enabled him to jump to the forefront and claim the Jeremy Ives Memorial Beltbuckle and jacket, edging out Cheyne Olney of Toppenish.

Olney still topped the field in total winnings, earning $3,498 after winning the Friday night long go, taking fourth in Saturday night’s long go and finishing with the second-highest overall score.

Omak’s Frances Marchand was second, including wins both Friday and Saturday in the saddle bronc and a second-place score in the Saturday long go bull ride.

Reily finished third in total winnings with $2,791, including $2,030 for his score of 167.

None of the 34 bullriders completed all three of their rides.

There were no major injuries during the weekend competition as the EMT crews were only called into the arena once, albeit briefly.

Omak’s Austin Covington escaped serious injury on Saturday when he was thrown a good 20 feet skyward during second round action.


Friday, June 1

Jackpot Team Roping

Round 1

Ty Olson and Ty Thomas, 7.3 seconds, beat out 10 teams. Payout: $100.

Buckle sponsor: Prince’s Dept. Store

Saddle Bronc Riding

Five entries, $1,500 total payout.

1st – Frances Marchand, Omak, 78 score, $825.

2nd – Jacob Stacy, Ephrata, 67 score, $675.

Buckle Sponsor: Coleman Oil

8th Annual Jeremy Ives Memorial Bull Riding

34 entries, $14,100 total payout

Round 1 ($4,230 payout)

1st – Cheyne Olney, Toppenish, 82 score, $1,523.

2nd – Dakota Beck, Basin City, 79 score, $1,100.

3rd – Garett Wolfe, Wenatchee, 77 score, $761.

4th – Nick McCormack, Ellensburg, 65 score, $508.

5th – Lee Munsey, Kelowna, B.C., 62 score, $338.

Tonasket Run for the Crown winner: Jacob Stacy

Sponsor: 24 Double Bar Western Wear

Saturday, June 2

Jackpot Team Roping

Round 2

Cesar Bobadilla and T.J. Symonds, 8.1 seconds, beat out 10 teams. Payout: $100.

Buckle sponsor: Kuhler’s Bar and Grill

Finals (top two from each night), $1,600 total payout.

1st – Mike and Sam Buchert, 12.5 seconds, $400 each.

2nd – Cesar Bobadilla and T.J. Symonds, 16.3 seconds, $340 each.

3rd – Ty Olson and Ty Thomas, fastest overall time of 7.3 seconds, $260 each.

Saddle Bronc Riding

Five entries, $1,500 total payout

1st – Frances Marchand, Omak, $1,500.

Buckle Sponsor: Kuhler’s Bar and Grill

Bull Riding

Round 2, $4,230 total payout

1st – Cody Brixey, Nampa, ID, 86 score, $1,523

2nd – Frances Marchand, Omak, 85 score, $1,100

3rd – Colby Reily, Stratford, 83 score, $761.

4th – Cheyne Olney, Toppenish, 79 score, $508.

5th – Laine Baze, Benton City and Mike Sparks, Caldwell, ID, $169 each.

Bull Riding short round

Top eight from first two rounds, $5,640 total payout

Colby Reily was the only one of the eight to complete his bull ride, score 84

Overall scoring

1st – Colby Reily, Stratford, 167 (2 bulls), $2,030, belt buckle and jacket

2nd – Cheyne Olney, Toppenish, 161 (2 bulls), $1,467

3rd – Garett Wolfe, Wenatchee, 148 (2 bulls), $1,015

4th – Dakota Beck, Basin City, 145 (2 bulls), $677.

5th – Cody Brixey, Nampa, ID, 86 (1 bull), 451.

Buckle Sponsor: OK Chevrolet.

Jacket Sponsor: Pro Stitch Embroidery

Tonasket Run for the Crown winner:

Cheyne Olney

Sponsor: Paul Vickers

Barrel Racing Buckle Sponsors: Omak Marine, Rancho Chico

Top Money Winners

Cheyne Olney, Toppenish, $3,498

Frances Marchand, Omak, $3,425

Colby Reily, Stratford, $2,791

Cody Brixey, Nampa, ID, $1,974

Dakota Beck, Basin City, $1,777

Garett Wolfe, Wenatchee, $1,776

Other Info

2012 rodeo dedicated to Don Henderson.

Grand Marshals: George and Patti Hill

Queen: Cortney Ingle

Announcer: Steve Kenyon

Timer: Nell Henderson

National Anthems: Lee Orr,Mike Stansbury

Bull Fighters: Blaine Covington and Jonathon Abrahamson

Stock provided by Big Bend and Flying 5 Rodeo Stock