Slideshow: Picketers protest Assisted Living closure

Friends, relatives and concerned citizens picketed in front of the North Valley Assisted Living facility on Friday, Jan. 18, to protest its scheduled closing at the end of March.

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One thought on “Slideshow: Picketers protest Assisted Living closure

  1. A big thank you to everyone who came to show their opinions with signs! Shame on you:
    The North Valley Assisted Living Committee.
    Linda Michel, CEO, North Valley Hospital.
    Linda Holden, Long Term Care Senior Leader.
    Jana Symonds, PFS Senior Leader.
    Helen Verhasselt, CFO.
    Jan Gonzales, Human Resources Senior Leader.
    Clarice Nelson, Board of Commissioners.
    Lael Duncan, Board of Commissioners.
    I think such a large group could have come up with a better solution than EVICTING 27 seniors that paid their rent because the facility did not turn a profit.
    Please be grateful for your warm homes and loving families and hope that when you are elderly there are better policies in place than the ones that you implemented for these citizens.
    Krissy Rawley Guenther. (

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