Out of My Mind 6

Few bad apples could spoil it for all dog owners

Oroville’s second annual Kite Day was a huge success with over 100 kids and kites taking flight this year at Bud Clark Memorial Ball Fields. However, the biggest disappointment was the fact that participants had to watch where they stepped because of irresponsible dog owners who have let their animals use the park as a toilet.

The park is a great place for the kids to play baseball and for many of us a wonderful place to get our exercise on the gravel track that surrounds it. Several of us bring our dogs along so they too can get a little exercise and to keep us company on our walks or runs. Unfortunately, those that let their dogs run off the leash or don’t clean up after their dogs are going to ruin it for the rest of us – the park is clearly marked with signs saying we need to do both. If this keeps up parents of those who participated in Kite Day and of those that play in the Youth Baseball Leagues will complain to the city, as they have every right to, and we will loose the privilege of bringing our canine companions along with us.

I propose those who get caught without their dogs on a leash or those who let their dogs use the park as a bathroom without cleaning up after them, get a hefty fine. No warning, just slap a $100 fine on them and soon there will be no problem at all. I’m not sure what the current fine is but hopefully it will hurt enough to change the behavior of a few irresponsible dog owners.

Perhaps dogs should be kept off the grass altogether, but some people prefer to run with their dogs (on a leash) on the grass, while others bring their dogs to watch the kids during their ball games. 

Cleaning up after ones animal is easy and a great way to get rid of all those plastic bags that seem to multiply in the house after every trip to the grocery store. It might help if we get some sort of bag dispenser at our parks so there will be no excuse for leaving it a mess. Anyway, clean up after your dogs or one of Oroville’s biggest benefits may be excluded to those who like to use the park while spending some time with their pets.