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Kudos to owners and new managers of the Camaray MotelIn the past many of ushave taken turns grumbling about the...

The view from (above) the pool

The view from (above) the pool

Kudos to owners and new managers of the Camaray Motel

In the past many of ushave taken turns grumbling about the state of the Camaray Motel in Oroville.We’ve even gone so far as to encourage people to stay in Osoyoos, Tonasket orOmak. And for the more adventurous we’d recommend “getting the hillup” as one of our late publishers was fond of saying and telling people totry the Eden Valley Guest Ranch or the Inn at Molson in the Okanogan Highlands– all were a drive or a border crossing and not as convenient when you hadfriends and relatives visiting in Oroville.
Well no more, the Camaray hasdone a complete turnaround under managers Clyde and Sandra Andrews. And theowners, a Canadian family, have also been very supportive of the changes and itshows with new paint, floor coverings and furnishings in the rooms. The Andrewsalways seem to be on duty, hauling their cordless phone from room to room asthey renovate and attend the needs of their guests. The pool is also lookingpretty inviting on hot days. Next up will be new doors and a new card locksystem. Then some fresh paint on the exterior and trim and it will look like awhole new motel.
Clyde told those who attended the Oroville Chamber ofCommerce’s Business After Hours last week that the motel is operating eachnight at near full capacity with an average of only three or four rooms leftavailable to rent.
With only one motel left in town, the change isimportant for Oroville. As we all know the goal of any group like the chamberis to not only to get people to come to town, but to get them to stay for morethan one day — when that happens they spend more money at the localbusinesses. And, guests who stay less than 30 days, which is now the majority,also pay Hotel/Motel tax which the city shares with different groups to promotetourism in the Oroville area. Before the new changes at the Camaray, theHotel/Motel tax that was being collected by the city was pretty meager.
So,if you haven’t gotten a chance to check out the newly refurbished rooms werecommend you stop by and see if Clyde or Sandy has time to give you a tour. Ifyou like what you see make sure you thank them and let them know to pass onyour gratitude to the owners in Canada.

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