New NVH second floor nears completion

TONASKET – The construction of the second floor at North Valley Hospital should be completed in early May, NVH facilities manager John Boyd reported at the Thursday, Feb. 9 hospital board meeting.

“We sat down this week and reviewed everything that needs to be finished up there and recalculated when we thought it could be completed,” Boyd said. “Right now we’re waiting for the contractors to start on the ducting. We’re looking at least four weeks for that to get done… The guys are projecting May 1 to have the whole thing completed.”

Chief Financial Officer Bomi Bharucha reported that the December preliminary financials are done. While technically the books show a small profit, Bharucha said that is primarily because of the way levy money for the building project must be accounted for.

“Accounting principles require us to recognize that revenue,” he said. “We are really sitting at a $300,000 to $400,000 operating loss. Since we are required to show the levy coming in and book the interest part of the bonds on the building, that is really what the book shows.

“Volumes finished pretty good in most areas for the year, so that’s keeping on track. So far January was an ‘okay’ month, a little low on in-patient volumes.”

The finance committee went through a state compliance/legal audit with no findings. A “going concern” issue from the previous audit, due to the warrant level, was removed, as well as a “management letter item” issue that dealt with some of the internal controls in the pharmacy area.

“They were pleased with where we are and where we’re going,” Bharucha said.

He also reported that NVH is in the process of reviewing presentations by the three local banks to determine which bank meets the hospital district’s future needs.

The Long-term Care Facility reported a nearly full house with 55 patients, and the Veterans Clinic is now offering mental health services for combat veterans.

The board next meets Thursday, Feb. 23.