Court Records, 911 Calls and Jail Bookings

Superior Court


The court found probable cause to charge Joseph Rowe, 60, with possession with intent to manufacture marijuana. He received six months confinement.

The court found probable cause to charge Robert James Long, 27, with possession of a stolen motor vehicle. He received four months.

The court found probable cause to charge Joshua Pool, 29, with attempted child molestation. He received 11 months.

The court found probable cause to charge Geoffrey Renfro, 18, with second degree burglary, third degree malicious mischief, theft of a motor vehicle, first degree malicious mischief and third degree theft. He received seven years and five months confinement.

Decrees of Dissolution

Timothy Bowman Jr. filed to dissolve his marriage from April Bowman.

District Court

Kristen Bob, 30, Omak charged with DWLS second.

Garrett Bruce, 44, Omak charged with two counts of DWLS first and DWLS third. He received 270 days confinement and $1,600 fine.

Frank Buckner, 33, Omak charged with theft third. He received 364 days and a $768 fine.

Alvin Byers, 85, Oroville charged with hit-and-run and DWLS third. He received 270 days and a $368 fine.

Thomas Cohen, 32, Omak, charged with DWLS second received 180 days and a $1,058 fine.

Eric Cruz, 32, Riverside was charged with fishing without a license, possession of marijuana and use of drug paraphernalia.

Faith Florez, 26, Omak was charged with three counts of DWLS third. He received 454 days and a $3,432 fine.

911 Calls and Jail Bookings

Monday, November 12

In Okanogan, on Third Avenue North, a woman reported her computer being hacked into by someone. She has an idea of who could have been hacking her computer.

In Tonasket area, on Mill Drive, a man was shoveling snow when a neighbor came by and said he was going to cause him bodily harm. The neighbor’s son flipped him off as they drove by. The neighbor’s name was unknown but he was driving a gold Toyota pickup.

In Oroville area, on Swanson Mill Road, a woman and her husband found her father not breathing and unresponsive. She had not talked to him in two days. The father was not on the expected list and had not been sick. A neighbor advised that he was beyond help.

In Okanogan, on Second Avenue South, a shop at the location was broken into. Several items, including a snow blower and air compressor were missing. It had occurred some time earlier that week.

In Okanogan, on Elmway, a suspect wearing a black hoodie and a shirt with pot leaves on it stole multiple drugs out of a Lifeline ambulance. The suspect was detained and the police took the drugs back to the ambulance driver to see if the drugs were what was stolen.

In Okanogan, on Elmway, a suspicious suspect was standing in front of Casos digging in the back of his pants. When asked what he was doing, the suspect replied that he was “sticking epinephrine up his rectum.” The suspect was inside the store when police arrived.

Leroy Zacherle, 43, booked for FTA and DUI.

Billy Anderson, 44, booked for FTA.

Tuesday, November 13

Joseph Foreman, 21, booked for POCS.

Alicia Schade, 30, booked for POCS.

Dustin Smith, 26, booked for document detainer.

Daniel Harrett, 23, booked for assault fourth and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Steven Poff, 31, booked for FTA and theft third.

William Sanders, 41, booked for document detainer.

Neal Mix, 27, booked for assault first, unlawful possession of firearm, attempting to elude, and assault second.

Wednesday, November 14

In Okanogan, on Nickel Street, some medication and $15 was taken from the residence while the man who lived there was walking his dog early that morning.

In Omak, on Disautel Access Road, a female subject at the location was assaulted. The incident was reported to the tribe and the tribe declined to handle the situation. The suspect identified is currently incarcerated at the jail.

Jimmy Harmes, 48, booked for assault fourth and malicious mischief.

John Wilson, 27, booked for DUI.

Daryl Mccraigie, 29, booked for DUI.

Caleb Arnett, 33, document detainer.

Manuel Cabrera, 23, document detainer.

Charles Bagby, 58, booked for POCS.

Adan Gomez, 18, booked for TWVWOP.

Jose Becerra, 27, booked for FTA.

Jesus Martinez, 29, booked for 2 counts DWLS third, POCS, possession of drug PARA, and three counts reckless driving.

Thursday, November 15

In Okanogan, on Old Highway 97, a female subject came to the residence the night before and today refused to leave. She is the resident’s son’s ex-girlfriend. The son is on meth and is having some kind of mental breakdown. He was in the basement and did not want his father to call the police. There is a history of mental issues. No known weapons were involved. The father does not know if the female subject has been aggressive to his son in the past.

In Omak, on South Elm Street, a woman stated that a male subject was harassing her as she walked down the street.

Samuel Cuevez, 36, booked for document detainer.

David Fitzgerald, 54, booked for FTA and DWLS third.

Shelley Williams, 44, booked for DWLS second, DWLS third and DUI.

Amado Zavala, 21, booked for FTA.

Robert Atkins, 21, booked for FTA, felony harassment, and two counts assault fourth.

David McCracken, 45, booked for document violation.

Michael Dennis, 26, booked for DUI.

James Mengle, 44, booked for FTA and DUI.

Brandon Johnson, 23, booked for DUI.

Joseph Ortega, 32, booked for DWLS.

John Jenkins, 57, booked for DUI and FTA.

Alan Price, 39, booked for FTA and two counts theft third.

Seth Million, 21, booked for theft third, malicious mischief third and criminal trespass second.

Robert Pride, 58, booked for DWLS third and FTA.

Friday, November 16

In Okanogan, on Burton Avenue, a woman gave her ex-husband temporary custody of their child and he did not return at the appointed time. He is not answering his phone.

In Okanogan, on Sixth Avenue North, a woman and a man got into a fist fight over a political conversation they’d been having loudly in the street moments before.

Blake Lannoy, 27, booked for FTA and assault fourth.

Steven Pendley, 22, booked for possession of stolen property second, trafficking stolen property, unlawful firearm possession, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Walter Dodson, 21, booked for assault fourth.

Robert Richardson, 32, booked for document detainer, FTA and three counts of assault fourth.

Beverly Jensen, 61, booked for vehicular homicide.

Onesimo Cruz, 20, booked for FTA, theft second, and failure to transfer title papers.

Justin Friedlander, 25, booked for document detainer.

Christopher Harmen, 28, booked for giving a false statement.

Kai Marcellay, 30, booked for disorderly conduct.

Saturday, November 17

Leroy Zacherle, 43, booked for DUI and DWLS second.

Efrain Rivera, 49, booked for assault fourth.

Sunday, November 18

Aaron George, 24, booked for DUI and DWLS.

Juan Escalara, 32, booked for DUI and DWLS third.

Enver Figueroa, 22, booked for DUI.

Brandon Herz, 26, booked for assault fourth.

Silverio Lopez, 22, booked for assault fourth.

Fidel Roses, 47, booked for DUI.

Abbreviations Key:

DUI – Driving Under the Influence

DWLS/R – Driving While License Suspended/Revoked

POSC – Possession of a Controlled Substance

MIP/C – Minor in Possession/Consumption

TMVWOP – Taking a Motor Vehicle without Owner’s Permission

DV – Domestic Violence

FTA – Failure to Appear (on a warrant)

FTPF – Failure to Pay Fine

OCSO – Okanogan County Sheriff’s Officer

USBP – U.S. Border Patrol

CBP – U.S. Customs and Border Protection

ICE – Immigration and Customs Enforcement