Commissioner candidate Campbell opposes proposed Hwy. 97 roundabout

OKANOGAN – Ray Campbell, Republican candidate for Okanogan County Commissioner District 2, announced his opposition to the proposed roundabout at the junction of Highway 97 and Cameron Lake Rd./Armory Junction Rd.

The roundabout, which the candidate says would require a severe reduction in speed on our major transportation highway, is being proposed by the state Department of Transportation and would cost nearly $2,000,000 through federal and state funds.

“Highway 97 is used heavily by long haul truckers and local businesses for the transportation and distribution of goods throughout the county, Washington State and Canada,” said Campbell. “I am concerned that the roundabout as proposed will pose a higher danger to these individuals and our county citizens, especially in the winter months.”

“We cannot afford these top down decisions that make absolutely no sense when other less intrusive and less costly safety improvements can be made,” Campbell said. “It is critical to our freedom and our economy that people in this county and beyond be able to travel and transport goods without needless delays and confusion on major transportation highways.”

Campbell signed a petition to oppose the roundabout and helped gather signatures throughout the county. The petitions will be delivered to the Department of Transportation at their scheduled open house on Sept. 19.

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3 thoughts on “Commissioner candidate Campbell opposes proposed Hwy. 97 roundabout

  1. Why do we need a roundabout on a freakin' highway? That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard! The Germans don't even do that on their Autobahn! Whoever thought that highway 97 needed a roundabout ought to have their head examined! Roundabouts are for streets in town, not highways. They still must be big enough that a semi-truck can get around it. I don't see any intersection that big in the area that one could justify or fit a roundabout in!

    1. They put one in on Hwy 2 between Monroe and Sultan and let me tell you that one is a major pain when you are coming back in weekend traffic and it backs up clear past Goldbar! They are the most insane things ever created!!!

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