Highly Capable Program starting at Oroville Schools

The Oroville School District is going to start a highly capable program for students who are gifted and talented.

The district is in the process of seeking out nominations for students who are in the top 2-3 percent intellectually who would like to be included in the program. Anybody can nominate a student who they feel may qualify. Highly capable students are often top performers academically, but this is not the only indicator. The district webpage outlines some of the differences between the high achiever and the gifted student.

The goal of the district is to first identify these highly capable students and then develop plans to help meet these students’ needs. Schools for years have concentrated vast amounts of resources on struggling learners while the state has generally not funded programs for the higher end gifted students. While the state continues to provide very little funds to run a robust program, the Oroville School District will find a way to develop a program to meet their individual and collective needs. For years the district has sought out and provided extra opportunities for the gifted students regardless of funding from the state, but it now is going to formalize the program and make a concerted effort to ensure that the gifted students are being provided ample opportunity for the unique challenges these learners have.

Nominations can be made by students, teachers, and community members. The nomination form and more information about the program can be found at the District Office website at www.oroville.wednet.edu.