Tonasket's Rawley, Juarez reach semifinals | Day 1 final update

Three Tonasket wrestlers, three Hornets survive into second day at Mat Classic


Rundown of Caribou Trail League and North Central Washington area Class 1B/2B wrestlers


1A Team: 1. Blaine 65; 9. Quincy 33; 14. Chelan 30; 16. Tonasket 24; 24. Omak 12; 29. Okanogan 9; Cashmere 9; Cascade 7; 40. Brewster 4.


1B/2B Team: 1. Liberty Bell 76; 2. Kittitas 46.5; 3. Lake Roosevelt 42; 5. Republic 39; 20. Oroville 11; 21. Pateros 9.


1A Individual



Vance Frazier (106) – lost to David Peterson, Highland, by tech. fall, 16-1; lost to Tyler Izatt, Montesano, 2-0 (loser out).

Collin Aitcheson (120) – def. Kurtice Lindsey, Kalama, 8-3; lost to Juan Pablo Salcedo, Highland, 11-2; def. Garrison Schumack, Forks, 11-6 (advances to consolation medal rounds)

Jorge Juarez (126) – def. Noe Orozco, Connell, 12-0; def. Austin Cain, Montesano, 14-5 (advances to semifinals).

John Rawley (195) def. Nathan Cloud, Woodland, by pin, 1:24; def. Taylor Rupe, Montesano, by pin 2:33 (advances to semifinals).

Other CTL Teams


Raf Varelas (138) lost to Tyler Miler, Stevenson, 17-7; def. Abisai Garcia, Forks, 5-3; def. Dillan Beckwith, Woodland, 15-1 (advances to consolation medal rounds).



Michael Sorensen (285) lost to Jake Claussen, Forks, 9-5; def. A.J. Lien, Castle Rock, by pin 2:51; def. Michael Pruneda, Warden, by pin 4:37 (advances to consolation medal rounds).



Ethan Visser (138) lost to Dillan Beckwith, Woodland, 10-6; def. Lui Carrasco, Columbia-Burbank, 11-1; def. Adrian Toscano, Wahluke 12-1 (advances to consolation medal rounds)

Brock Steele (152) lost to Matt Cain, Port Townsend, 3-0; def. Dean Enstad, Goldendale, 2-1; vs. Konner Forshag, Freeman (not reported)

Jacob James (170) def. Exavier Treddenbarger, Columbia-Burbank, 7-5 (OT); lost to Travis Lindsey, Mt. Baker, 10-2; vs. Steven Gomez, Quincy (not reported)



Angel Hernandez (113) – lost to Jacob Ellefson, Montesano, 4-2; def. Hunter Stockfleth, Ilwaco, 7-2; lost to Alvaro Ortiz, Forks, 2-0 (loser out).

Ivan Reyes (120) – def. Cody Miler, Stevenson, 11-6; lost to Carlos Hernandez, Royal, 17-3; def. Josh Pratt, Woodland, 12-0 (advances to consolation medal rounds).

Julio Vera (126) – def. Raul Martinez, Warden, 4-3; def. Paul Newell, Nooksack Valley, 5-3 (advances to semifinals).

Justin Buyas (126) – lost to Ramses Rodelo, Warden, by pin 3:45; lost to Jacob Posey, Kalama, by pin 1:30 (loser out)

Jairo Delacruz (145) lost to Javier Contreras (Forks) by pin, 3:59; def. Mark Briggs, Goldendale, 11-6; lost to Jesse Schmidlkofer, Freeman, 6-4 (loser out)

Juan Garcia (152) def. Colton VanPelt, Stevenson, by pin 4:36; lost to Devyn Daniels, Zillah, by pin 5:15; vs. Kareem Johnson, Kiona-Benton, (not reported)

Asa Schwartz (220) def. Matt Schields (Rochester) by pin, 1:43; def. Tanner Cook Kiona-Benton, 10-4 (advances to semifinals).



Anthony Payton (106) – def. Austin Simmons, Naches Valley, by pin 5:40; def. Kyle Gonzales, Blaine, 5-0 (advances to semifinals).



Alex Aguilar (152) def. Brandon Speed, Kalama, 11-1; def. Christian Sharp, Blaine, 4-3 (advances to semifinals).

Caleb Riggle (160) def. Austin Darvell, Castle Rock, 6-5 (4 OT); lost to Emilio Bustos, Royal, 7-3; def. Dylan Mann, Eatonville, 3-2 (advances to consolation medal rounds)

Rowdy Kruse (182) lost to Carl Hausserman, Kalama, 3:34; lost to Kenny Huffman, Hoquiam, 12-6 (loser out).



Victor Salgado (106)- def. Oscar Ortiz (Connell) 5-3; lost to Sebastian Morales, Forks, 10-3; def. Austin Simmons, Naches Valley, by pin 5:40 (advances to consolation medal rounds).

Raul Barajas (113) – def. Colton Economoy, Blaine, 11-10, 3 OT; lost to Kiki Chabolla, Royal, 9-5; vs. Gomez, Connell, (result not reported)

John Lindquist (138) def. Keishi Thompson, Ilwaco, 12-2; def. Taylor Gardner, Nooksack Valley, by DQ (advances to semifinals).

Isias Jiminez (145) def. Kyrell Broyles, South Whidbey, 9-6; def. Emilio Pruneda, Warden, 11-7 (advances to semifinals)

Antonio Melendez (160) def. Dylan Mann, Eatonville, 10-5; def. Kylar Prante, Montesano, 5-4 (advances to semifinals).

Steven Gomez (170) lost to Chris Warford, Zillan, 12-2; vs. Jacob James, Cashmere (result not reported).

Cade Wallace (195) lost to Preston Morris, Vashon Island, 8-7; lost to J.T. Keeney, Mt. Baker, by pin 2:45 (loser out)

Austin Morris (220) lost to Joel Ward, Forks, by pin 3:37; def. Zach Cully, Goldendale, 11-0; lost to Brek McGaughy, Elma, by pin 2:44 (loser out).

1B/2B Individual


Jordan Smith (120) def. Connor Maben, Ocosta, by pin, 3:55; lost to James Monaghan, Lake Roosevelt, by pin 4:36 (advances to consolation semifinal).

Eddie Ocampo (160) lost to Grant Camenzind, Raymond, 16-10; lost to Nick James, Davenport, 13-6 (loser out).

Taylor Robinson (182) def. Randall Beacham, Concrete, by pin 2:52; lost to Lucas Rittel, Republic, by pin 2:38 (advances to consolation semifinal).

Lukas Mieirs (195) lost to Lane Monteith, Darrington, by pin 0:42; def. Darion Earl-Lovejoy by pin, 1:21 (advances to consolation semifinal).

 Other NCW 1B/2B Teams

Liberty Bell

Trent Skelton (120) def. Logan Weber, Kittitas, by pin 3:01; def. Joe Peterson, Wilbur-Creston/Keller, by pin 3:16 (advances to championship match)

Danny Humiston (126) lost to Jose Kike Marin, Kittitas, by pin 3:39; lost to Matthew Lewis, South Bend (loser out).

Merrit Fink (138) def. Walker Baumbach, Republic, 12-0; def. Ruger Lillengreen by pin 5:31 (advances to championship match).

Jacob McMillan (145) def. Ben Harper, LaConner, 3:30; lost to Kodie Horn, Lake Roosevelt, by pin 3:15 (advances to consolation medal round)

Emmett Fink (152) def. Kody Vik, Wahkiakum, by pin 1:48; def. Ivan Johnson, Liberty Bell, by pin, 1:33 (advances to championship match).

Ivan Johnson (152) def. Kyle Nushart, Concrete, 12-2; lost to Emmett Fink, Liberty Bell, by pin 1:33 (advances to consolation semifinal).

Milo Holston (160) def. Wyatt Hyer, Pomerroy, by pin 1:14; def. Garrett Green, Darrington, 8-6 (advances to championship match).


Lake Roosevelt

James Monaghan (120) def. Ian Bowen, Napavine, 9-0; def. Jordan Smith, Oroville, by pin, 4:36 (advances to championship match).

Coltin Williams (126) lost to Luke Stacey, Wahkiakum, 22-8; def. Shane Kennamer, Darrington, 9-5 (advances to consolation semifinals).

Oscar Pakootas (132) def. David Stone, Tacoma Baptist, 15-4; lost to J.D. Gallegos, Kittitas, 5-2 (advances to consolation semifinals).

Kodie Horn (145) def. Michael Sims, Reardan, by pin 5:33; def. Jacob McMillan, Liberty Bell, by pin 3:15 (advances to championship match)

Octavio Alejandre (285) lost to Jacob Klingensmith, Republic, by inj. default; def. Daniel Helman, Ocosta, by pin 1:52 (advances to consolation semifinals).



Jaime Mendez (113) lost to Brandon Johnson, Raymond, by pin 2:47; def. Gerardo Rios 3-2 (advances to consolation semifinal).

Julio Espino (113) def. Kobe Christian, Ocostoa, by pin, 2:20; lost to Matty Carroll, Tacoma Baptist, 6-4 (advances to consolation semifinal)

Carlos Cruz (138) def. Josh Summers, LaConner, 12-3; lost to Alex Johnson, Wahkiakum, 9-1 (advances to consolation semifinals)

Luis Gutierrez (145) lost to Mason Mackey, Wahkiakum, 10-4; def. Bryce Hongell, Ocosta, 10-4 (advances to consolation semifinal).



Colton Kuykendall (132) – lost to J.D. Gallegos, Kittitas, by pin 3:20; lost to David Stone, Tacoma Baptist, by pin 0:27 (loser out).

Walker Baumbach (138) lost to Meritt Fink, Liberty Bell, 12-0; def. Nolan Balzer, Adna, 4-1 (advances to consolation semifinals).

Blake Phillips (170) def. Donnie Olmstead, Concrete, by pin 3:50; def. Josey Anderson, Reardan, 8-4 (advances to championship match).

Lucas Rittel (182) – def. Brian DeYoung, Colfax, by pin 0:25; def. Taylor Robinson, Oroville, by pin, 2:38 (advances to championship match).

Jacob Klingensmith (285) def. Octavio Alejandre, Lake Roosevelt, by injury default; lost to Heiko Birkle, Reardan, 6-3 (advances to consolation semifinals).


 Day 1, Session 1 mid-day update

TACOMA – Tonasket and Oroville wrestlers – four from each school – joined about 1,200 athletes this morning in competing at the Tacoma Dome at Mat Classic XXVI for state honors in their respective school sizes and weight classifications.
Tonasket finished the first round 16th in team scoring in Class 1A, while Oroville is 13th in 1B/2B.

Tonasket won three of its four first round matches while Oroville went 2-2.


Vance Frazier (106 lbs.), a freshman going up against one of the Class 1A tournament’s top seeds, lost to Highland’s David Peterson by a 16-1 technical fall. Frazier managed to hold out until the final five seconds of the match, when Peterson scored a three point near-fall to end the bout with a 15-point advantage. Peterson is the defending state runner-up. Frazier faces a loser-out match at 4:08 against Tyler Izatt of Montesano.

Collin Aitcheson (120), the top seed in Class 1A, survived a scare from Kalama’s Kurtis Lindsey to win 8-3. Aitcheson controlled his match from the outset and held an 8-0 lead but got caught on his back and had to hold out the final 15 seconds without getting pinned. Aitcheson is the tournament’s top seed. He has a quarterfinal match at 4:32 against Pablo Salcedo of Highland.

Jorge Juarez (132) defeated Zillah’s Joseph St. George, 12-0, staying firmly in control throughout his match. He faces Austin Cain of Montesano at 5:04 p.m. in the state quarterfinals.

John Rawley (195) was even more dominant, needing just 1:24 to pin Woodland’s Nathan Cloud. The top-seeded senior will face off with Taylor Rupe of Montesano at 6:56 p.m. in a quarterfinal match.


Jordan Smith (120), the lone Hornet with state tournament experience, had that pay off in as he sprung an upset of second-seeded Connor Maben, the West Region champion, pinning Maben with five seconds remaining in the second period. After giving up an early takedown, the seventh-seeded Smith had controlling position for most of the match before finishing off the stunning victory. Smith earned a spot in the eight-man B bracket’s state semifinals against Lake Roosevelt’s James Monaghan at 4:40 this afternoon.

Eddie Ocampo (160) lost a back-and-forth match with Grant Camenzind of Raymond, 16-10. trailing 7-4 heading into the third period, Ocampo repeatedly took Camenzind down but had to allow escapes as he tried to trim the margin, keeping within 2-3 points until the final seconds. Ocampo will wrestle a loser-out match at 6:50.

Taylor Robinson (182) pinned Randall Beacham of Concrete in the first round to set up a semifinal match with Lucas Rittel of Republic at 7:20 this evening. Rittel is the tournament’s top seed.

Lukas Mieirs (195) was pinned in the first round of his match with Darrington’s Lane Monteith, the west region champion. He’ll wrestle a loser-out match at 7:50 p.m.

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