Tigers run at Republic

REPUBLIC – Tonasket’s cross country teams took to the road Tuesday, Oct. 9, to run at the Republic Invitational, which also served as the District 7 1B/2B meet.

The Tigers were the only non-league squad in attendance, but helped to fill out an otherwise small (though fast) field.

The Tonasket boys were led by Oscar Avilez (7th, 17:52) on the full 5K course. Other finishers were Adam Halvorsen (19th, 20:10); Smith Condon (21st, 21:18); Lawrence Wambugu (22nd, 21:22); Adrian McCarthy (24th, 22:21); Abe Podkranic (28th, 24:21); Jordan Hughes (30th, 24:55); and Dallin Good (31st, 26:59).

For the girls, finishers were Jessica Puente (7th, 25:07); Jenna Valentine (8th, 26:02); Giesa Seidler (11th, 27:16); Vanessa Pershing (12th, 27:23); Claire Thornton (13th, 27:40); Kallie Mirick (14th, 28:00); and Corrina Karrer (18th, 34:29).