Hornets best Tigers in annual hardwood battle

Photos by Terry MillsTonasket’s Grant Leavell takes a shot during the game.

Photos by Terry MillsTonasket’s Grant Leavell takes a shot during the game.

Oroville won the annual battle with Tonasket Dec. 13, besting their southern rivals 69-62.

Both teams played well in what Tonasket head coach Glenn Braman, a WSU graduate, called “The Apple Cup of the north.”

“Zac Guenther was the difference,” said Oroville head coach Carl Iverson. “He took the game over in the last 11 minutes. He scored 12 points in that time, but as importantly, he had five big assists in that time. That, along with Luke Rowton hitting three threes in the second half, ended up being the difference.”

Tonasket lead 35-30 at the half, but Oroville took over at the second quarter, Braman said.

“(Hornet) Sophomore Brandon Funston had a great second half, giving us a spark with four points and some good defense,” Iverson said.

This was Tiger Coach Braman’s first time at the helm for the matchup.

“That was a good game,” Braman said. “It was a good battle between Oroville and Tonasket.”

Though Oroville won, both coaches enjoyed it.

“I thought both teams fought hard,” Iverson said. “Obviously I enjoyed the outcome.”

Braman was happy with the game. Tonasket got a good start, he said and led 38-30 at the half. The team also did a good job taking care of the ball, he said. They had 11 turnovers.

“That’s awesome. That’s exactly what we need to be doing,” he said.

Iverson said Tonasket played a good game.

“They were hurting our man in the inside, so we switched to a match-up zone which bothered them a bit,” Iverson said.

Braman had praise for Oroville, too.

“Quite a few of their kids can shoot,” he said.

Oroville game leaders were Zac Kinman (23 points), Luke Rowton (19 points) and Cody Mills (10 points). In rebounds, Guenther (six) and Cody Mills (five) led the Hornets. Luke Rowton had three three-pointers and Kinman had two three-pointers.

Tonasket game leaders were Grant Leavell (29 points), Sean Timmerman (10 points), Andy Glanzer and Jeff Hunlock (both with eight) and Jordan Bebee (seven points). Hunlock and Timmerman lead with six rebounds each. Timmerman also had seven assists and three steals.