Court, Sheriff's, Jail & 911 Report

Sheriff, 911 and Jail Report

Thursday, December 22
There was a report of suspicious activity on Angle Trailer Park in Brewster, intoxicated male driving a white minivan, showed up and knocked on the door twice.
A person, who was driving without a license was stopped on Okanogan Street, near Mallot Rd.
A report of a verbal dispute between boyfriend and girlfriend on Hwy. 97 near Oroville
There was a non-injury accident reported on Salmon Creek Rd.
A report of a vehicle that hydroplaned and rolled over with driver and a front passenger who were not using a seatbelt. Driver took the person home prior to going to the Mid-Valley Hospital to seek medical care. Driver had no injuries, but vehicle suffered extensive rear end damage.
There was report of a domestic dispute on Six Gun Way near Oroville. The caller reported that his wife assaulted him on the head with a roll of duct tape. While the caller was with the police, dispatcher could hear the wife arguing with him.
Police were called for an injured deer near roadway, south of Tonasket.
Report of suspicious activity on Bolster Rd. near Oroville. Upon arrival police found tracks around the residence and into the back shed. Gas caps were removed from two vehicles and possibly gas was taken from the cars. Police followed track to the neighbor’s driveway
A report of a dog harassing calves and horses about four blocks from the bridge in downtown Omak.
Friday, December 23
Police responded to a call on a domestic violence involving intoxicated subjects. A subject was taken to custody for domestic violence on Moccasin Flat HUD Rd. near Omak.
A report of a medical response on the Loomis-Oroville Rd. near Tonasket for a 77-year-old female with a possible stroke who was found on the bathroom floor, unresponsive, awake and breathing.
An accident was reported on Salmon Creek Rd. The vehicle was partially blocking the road. The car was abandoned. No one in or around the vehicle.
Report of suspicious activity on W. Third and S. Douglass St. in Omak. Two juveniles in their mid-teens where seen in front of a blue residence on corner looking in red vehicle parked out front. When the subjects saw the reporting party driving by they left the area. One male went into alley; the other was sitting at corner of Third and Cedars and was found in possession of marijuana.
There was an accident on Riverside Dr. by Arby’s Restaurant in Omak. A Sunrise disposal garbage truck backed into a light pole, which was damaged.
An ongoing problem with vandalism was reported on North Birch St in Omak.
Hang up calls from a pay phone was reported on Engh Rd.
A wallet theft was reported from the Walmart parking lot. Someone was on a scooter cart at Walmart, while the reporting party parked the scooter and walked around the clothes area someone took money out of the wallet.
An Okoma Dr. resident in Omak reported getting threatening text messages from daughter’s ex-boyfriend threatening to burn her house down. Suspect lives in Bridgeport.
A grandfather in Omak called the police reporting a threat from his grandson who wanted money to pay his cell phone bill. Caller wanted protection because he is afraid he is going to be beat up by the subject since about six months ago the subject told him that he does not have any problem in hitting an old man.
A harassment by cell phone was reported on Okoma Dr, Omak. The caller reported that the subject has called her cell phone about three times and the caller’s sister’s cell approximately three to four times. The reporting party had asked the caller to stop calling, without any success.
A trespasser was removed from Main St., Omak after caller requested the police for assistance to remove the person from the property.
Accident on First and Western. Reporting party backed into older orange Ford. Vehicle was unoccupied at time of collision. No injuries were reported.
Saturday, December 24
Domestic violence call on Hwy. 97 near Oroville. The caller reported an argument with boyfriend. Caller is eight months pregnant and boyfriend hit her on the face. Boyfriend is intoxicated. When police showed up the suspect was at mother’s home in an unknown address. Caller demonstrated having been injured with swelling black eye. Police tried to locate the suspect’s mother’s address. Suspect was charged with felony for domestic assault.
Police provided a courtesy ride to a male subject wearing all black and carrying a backpack to Omak where the subject waited for his relatives from Twisp to come to pick him up.
A noise complaint on Robinson St. & Old Hwy 97, Mallot. The caller complained about neighbor’s loud music.
Agency contacted a suspect who has two warrants out of Okanogan.
Sunday, December 25
Police received a phone call from an intoxicated subject who requested to speak with another person. When subject was told that there was no-one there with that name, he shouted obscenities at agent.
A harassment call on 5th Ave, Caribou Trail. The caller commented that the ex-boyfriend did not want to leave her house. When police showed up the suspect was in the backyard.
Report that a 50-year-old female was struck by a vehicle. Victim was highly intoxicated.
A malicious mischief was reported on Third Ave. in Okanogan. A female in her late thirties was seen kicking vehicle three times at location while going towards the High School.
A malicious mischief report on Spring Coulee Rd, Okanogan. A 24-year-old was throwing things at reporting party.
Police were contacted from Okanogan Behavioral Healthcare in Omak for a malicious mischief/domestic assault. Subject has some mental health issues.
A burglary was reported on S. First Ave in Okanogan. A suspect attempted entry into trailer. Dents and pry marks were found at the location.
A suspicious act was reported on Salmon Creek Rd. where witness reported seeing two teen males taking a Santa Claus form the pond.
A burglary was reported in Okanogan. Reporting party stated that is house-sitting the residence. Several guns are missing from the residence.
There was a structure fire reported on Hwy. 7, Tonasket. When police showed up there was something burning inside the residence. Owners were out of the house.
An assault was reported on Sandflat Rd, in Omak. Reporting party called 911 stating that she was struck in the neck by her husband. The phone line was then disconnected.
An assault was reported in North Omak. A male was fighting with a subject at the reported location. No known weapon were found near the event.
Reporting party called stating that one heard a gunshot at the neighbor’s residence on Hwy. 97 near Oroville. The reporting party stated that just after the shot a vehicle was seen leaving the area and that the shot may have come from the vehicle.
Warrant Arrest on Main St. in Oroville.
Assault on N. Main, Omak. Male fighting with subjects at location. No weapon was found.
Monday, December 26
Burglary at Trino’s Mexican Restaurant in Oroville. Broken cash register and file cabinets.
Weapon Offense was reported on Miller Rd in Omak. A 43-year-old male w
as taken to Mid-Valley Hospital ER with a gunshot wound to the hand. Alcohol was involved. Upon inspection it was decided that it was not a gunshot wound, but was an accident with a firearm.
A report on Violation of a Protection Order on Hwy. 7 near Tonasket. The subject violated order via Facebook.
Harassment was reported on Jennings Loop Rd near Oroville. A female has custody of reporting party’s son. She called reporting party and then hung up.
A fraudulent act was reported on Rise Rd near Oroville. A friend’s mother called and stated that she has access to a lot of the reporting party’s personal information and that there are things being purchased in his name.
A burglary was reported on Crumbacher Rd. south of Tonasket. The door of the residence was kicked opened and Xbox, Playstation, TV, guns, safe and money were taken.
Medical response on W. Delicious St. in Tonasket. A 78-year-old female received assistance. Her face was swelling. Female reported being diabetic.
Report of a fire at the Mexican Restaurant on Hwy. 97 and Ellisforde Bridge.
An order violation was reported on S. Second Ave, Okanogan. Female subject has been living at the location with subject, violating a no contact order. They have also been seen together at Walmart, reporting party stated. Parties were advised that if suspects make contact at the residence, the female subject will hide.
An assault was reported on Wagon Wheel Loop Rd. near Oroville where some time on Christmas day, a male subject assaulted the reporting party by throwing him to the ground and putting him in a choke hold.
Warrant Arrest on Emery St and Okoma Dr., Omak
A suspicious subject was reported outside of Sears in Omak. The subject was seeing walking back and forth in front of the store.
A report of a hit-and-run on Jasmine St. in Omak near Mid-Valley Hospital.
Intoxicated male subject passed out on the benches on South Main, Omak.
A sex offender registered on First Ave. South, in Okanogan.
Tuesday, December 27
Police provided courtesy rid to subject to Omak area. He was uncooperative and was reporting that someone is threatening to harm him.
A malicious mischief was reported on B&O Rd. in Okanogan where the electricity meter base to water system has been shot.
An order violation was reported on S. Fifth Ave., Okanogan the caller stated that he believes that his ex-girlfriend is at South Fourth Ave. Order was served on her and she is in violation of that order.
An ongoing problem with locking a gate that belongs to everyone was reported in Cartwright Dr. near Tonasket.
There was a domestic dispute reported on Conconully Rd. near Okanogan. The subject reported that the subject grabbed the reporting party while he was trying to grab items from his vehicle. Caller requested the subject be removed from the property.
A caller, who lives on Hwy. 97, reported that someone was trying to kill him. When police showed up he came to the door unclothed. Caller appeared to be under the influence of drugs.
A burglary was reported in Omak. The house was broken into; suspect went through safe and drawers in the office. Suspect also brought in handcart from warehouse to attempt to take the safe that was bolted to the floor. Police upon arrival found tools on the floor.
Report of an Assault in Oroville. Male subject attempted to take reporting party’s eight-month-old daughter. Caller was shoved and pushed on the ground.
Wednesday, December 28
A report of trespassing on S. 5th Ave. in Okanogan. A Chevy Blazer was spinning in football field. All individuals were released and vehicle parked legally. The car was picked up by subject’s dad at a later time.
Suspicious activity was reported on Chesaw Rd. near Oroville. At the location a male was found who was stated he was afraid to call 911. Subject was drunk and was taken to North Valley Hospital for detox and emergency room treatment. Subject was out all night and had slight hypothermia and has taken a fall.
Report that a Riverside resident threatened to shoot PUD crew. The crew left the area and called the supervisor.
A noise complaint was reported on 23rd Ave. in Oroville. Caller complained of the loud music at location. When police showed up at location, the noise has stopped.
There was a collision on Hwy. 97 and Petersen Rd.
Damage to the North end of Legion Park in Okanogan was reported. A large vehicle came off Second Ave. and did damage the grass.
A report of a non-English speaking male who called saying that he believes that he has been chased by several people who are trying to kill him. Suspect is not under the influence, but may have been on something else.
Three vehicles were involved in an accident on Koala Ave. and Shumway. Rd. No injuries reported.
Civil complaint on Sawtell Rd. in Oroville. Caller stated that female in room has a guest and there are supposed to be no guests at this time of the night.
Thursday, December 29
A controlled burn was reported on Talkire Lake Rd, Tonasket.
Automobile accident was reported on Poorman Creek Cut off Rd. An AmeriGas truck went off the roadway blocking traffic. No-one was injured.
A domestic dispute was reported on Douglas St., Omak where a male subject was arguing with his parents. He left the house and the caller would not provide any further information.
There was a hit-and-run vehicle accident on Engh Rd, Omak. Driver drove past window, reversed and dented the side of the building
A male subject called Okanogan Behavioral Healthcare stating that if they did not tell him where his child is there will be hell to pay. He also stated that he had people looking for his wife. Reporting party called just in case he shows up at OBHC. She stated that she wanted everyone to be prepared.
Friday, December 30
Burglary on W. Fourth Street in Tonasket. A service truck was taken from inside of warehouse.
A stolen vehicle was recovered on South Douglas St. Omak.
A burglary was reported on N. Second Ave. in Okanogan.
Report of a Burglary on 14th Ave. and Cherry St. in Oroville. It was reported that there seemed to be a forced entry into back door. Garbage can and a case of beer were taken.
A stolen vehicle was found in Omak.
A caller called to complain about the noise at the Moose Lodge in Omak.