Court Records, 911 Calls and Jail Bookings

Superior Court

The court found probable cause to charge Kyle Allyn Snyder, 21, with second degree burglary and second degree theft. He received three years and one month confinement.
The court found probable cause to charge Lynn Marie Arnhold, 36, with third degree assault and resisting arrest. She received eight months confinement.
The court found probable cause to charge Kurtis Camron Pugsley Bishop, 25, with attempting to allude, first degree DWLS, obstructing and officer and possession of 40 grams or less of marijuana. He received two years and six months confinement.
A Tonasket juvenile, 13, was charged with fourth degree assault. He received nine days confinement.
A Tonasket juvenile, 17, was charged with reckless driving. He received five days confinement.

District Court

Lenny Belgarde, 21, Omak, was charged with DWLS second degree. He received a one year sentence and a $1,018 fine.
Gabriel Beltran, 18, Oroville, was charged with obstructing a law enforcement officer. He received 180 days and a $808 fine.
Reynaldo Beltran, 20, Oroville, was charged with obstructing a law enforcement officer. He received 180 days and a $808 fine.
Christina Caroll, 33, Tonasket, was charged with DWLS third degree and operating a vehicle without an ignition interlock. She received nine months and a $1,553 fine.
Maria Contreras, 56, Oroville was charged with theft third degree and hit-and-run with an attended vehicle. She received 18 months and a $1,576 fine.
Lazaro Cortinez, 20, Omak, was charged with use/delivery of drug paraphernalia.
Jose Cruz, 60, Omak was charged with operating a vehicle without an ignition interlock and DWLS third degree.
Ina Harry, 65, Omak, was charged with DWLS third degree. He received one year and a $500 fine.
Jeffrey Herschlip, 55, Oroville, was charged with DWLS third degree. He received three months and a $1,483 fine.
Chasity Ikeh, 28, Tonasket was charged with DWLS third degree. She received three months and a $818 fine.
Eric Marchand, 28, Omak, was charged with operating a vehicle without an ignition interlock.
Gerald McKinny, 42, Omak, was charged with reckless endangerment and DUI.
Alfonso Olcampo, 44, Oroville, was charged with violating a no contact order. He received three months.
Gerardo Ramirez, 42, Omak, was charged with hit-and-run with an attended vehicle. He received six months.
James Sweat, 28, Omak, was charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing second degree. He received six months and a $808 fine.
John Thomas, 60, Tonasket, was charged with harassment. He received six months and a $933 fine.

911 Calls and Jail Bookings

Monday, December 17, 2012

In Omak, on Old Riverside Hwy., a 14-year-old stepdaughter snuck out of the house over the weekend. Her stepparent saw the tracks from her shoes and confronted her. The daughter stated she went to their neighbor’s house, who is a high school senior. His parents were out of town for the weekend and left him there. On another later occasion the stepparent saw more shoe tracks and confronted the daughter again. Police left messages on the boy’s home phone for his mother to call them with information on the boy.
In Tonasket, on River Loop Rd., a man has concerns about a male subject who is incarcerated having guns at his residence. In light of recent events, the male subject wants to make the deputy aware of the number of guns and the incarcerated man’s mental health issues.
In Okanogan, near the Okanogan High School, there has been recent information from a parent that a male juvenile is allegedly going to shoot up the school tomorrow. The male juvenile was expelled a few weeks ago after the school received information alleging he was going to shoot up the school on the Dec. 24. The juvenile is said to have mental health issues.
Pamela Jones, 47, was booked for third degree assault and DWLS third.
Russell Gardner, 20, was booked for failure to appear and third degree theft.
Christopher Johnson, 36, was booked for first degrdee theft.
Matthew Peterson, 41, was booked for FTA, eluding, DUI and DWLS third.
Mariah Gallaher, 22, was booked for FTA and DUI.
Joseph Dagnon, 46, was booked for fourth degree assault.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In Okanogan, on Ed Louis Rd., a male subject’s steer is not being fed. The subject’s chickens left the location because they were not being fed. Police at the location did not see any animals on the property. They left a message for the male subject to call them back.
In Omak, at the North Valley Apartments, a male subject was struck by a female subject’s vehicle. He cannot walk now. He states that the problem has been ongoing for days.
Rachelle Stanley, 40, was booked for forged script.
Lyle Haukaas, 29, was booked for second degree assault second.
Dustin Smith, 26, was booked for a document detainer.
Tashina Lukes, 21, was booked for failure to appear and assault fourth degree.
Arturo Ramirez, 34, was booked for child molestation and rape of a child.
Arnulfo Cortez, 46, was booked for alien in possession of a firearm and on a USBP detainer.
Manuel Gonzales, 26, was booked for USBP hold.
Salvador Mendoza, 44, was booked for USBP hold.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

In Omak, on Engh Rd., a stepdaughter has an order against a male subject and found out that he is living with her neighbors in a trailer less than 300 feet from her residence.
In Omak, on Miller Rd., a golden retriever has been at the location for about a month. He has an injured foot and is not being cared for.
In Okanogan, on Third Ave. North, police require a welfare check on a male subject. He is supposed to be at an apointment at 11 a.m. to see the doctor. He has a history of threats to harm himself and has threatened to harm an ex-girlfriend. Those involved are concerned he is not going to the appointment or has forgotten about it. The subject is not at home but his mother is expecting him back at any time. He is aware he is going to Omak Behavioral Health Clinic and is wanting to go.
In Okanogan, on Fourth Ave. South, a female subject is refusing to let her child go to its father’s residence for Christmas. There is no parenting plan and the father is her ex-husband.
In Okanogan, on Chiliwist Rd., sometime the day before two tons of hay were taken using the second gate. The informant was not available at the provided number to talk with police.
Gabriel Martinez, 19, was booked for theft third degree, failure to appear, malicious mischief third degree and DWLS third degree.
Kacee Webb, 22, was booked for malicious mischief third.
Shane Stallcop, 44, was booked for felony DUI.
Danny Haywood, 50, was booked for document detainer.
Eli Vanbrunt, 26, was booked for failure to appear, burglary first and theft third.
Forrest Knight, 18, was booked for minor frequenting.
Amy Engleman, 29, was booked for assault fourth.
Heidi Laugue, 20, was booked for DUI and MIP.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

In Tonasket, on Barker Rd., a male subject came to a residence and was yelling at the aunt of the person that lived there. It isn’t known why he was there and he left approximately fifteen minutes later.
In Tonasket, on Hwy. 97, a neighbor took over a resident’s mailbox by writing his name on it. The mail deliverer called police when this was brought to his attention.
Julie Wiley, 50, was booked for DWLS third and failure to appear.
Dennis Garcia, 19, booked for failure to appear and MIP.
Michael Dennia, 26, booked for DUI.
Dylan Mitchell, 28, booked for theft second.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Report of an animal problem on Wannacut Lake Rd. near Oroville. Ongoing problem with five horses coming on to reporting party’s property and eating the hay. Horses are extremely skinny. Horses are from Palmer Mtn. Rd.
Traffic Hazard on Ellisforde Bridge Rd., just over bridge. Three cows in roadway. Cattle gone on officer’s arrival.
Unknown injury accident on Hwy. 97 and Pine Creek Rd. Truck flipped in roadway, occupant advised he is okay.
Unknown injury accident on Hwy. 97 near Riverside. One vehicle rollover accident. Driver required tow, refused medical attention.
Report from O’Neil Rd. near Ellisforde. A 94-year-old male in a wheelchair hitting his cane on things, subject is hallucinating even though her has taken meds. Refusing hospital care.
Domestic dispute on Green Lake Rd. near Okanogan. Male and female subject and a second male subject in dispute. Female naked in bathroom and upset. Male subject has hunting firearms and there have been threats to kill between male subject an second male. Verbal assault only.
Request for a welfare check on County Hwy. 7 near Tonasket. Officer spoke with man who stated his brother tried to take an overdose the night before. Brother, who is bipolar, said he wanted to die. Okanogan Behavioral Health advised they will decide if a pick up is needed.
Report of stray animal on Hwy. 7 near Oroville. Dark horses walking in roadway and reporting party had to swerve off the roadway into ditch. No damage to vehicle.
Report of burglary on Bolster Rd. near Oroville. Person entered residence and took medication.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Report of an assault in Okanogan. Male is assaulting female friend. Subject charged with fourth degree assault, domestic violence.
Report of a DUI on Miller and Robinson Canyon Rds. One vehicle went into ditch about 10 feet off roadway.
Report of a civil dispute at Hwy. 7 and Warnock Rd. near Oroville. Yesterday reporting party’s son was driving his vehicle and was struck by another vehicle. Son and other driver exchanged information and turns out other driver’s information was false.
Report of an accident on Main St. in Oroville. Driver is unconscious and trapped in vehicle which is on fire. Fire extinguished and coroner called as man is deceased.
Report of drugs arrest on Second and Main in Oroville. Subject, who is under 21-years-old, arrested for possession of marijuana, less than 40 grams.
Report of a verbal dispute on Main St. in Oroville. Subject having altercation with someone, standing in front of apartment yelling and screaming.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Request for search and rescue on in Peony Creek Rd. area near Forest Service Rd. 400. Male subject still on FS Rd. 400 in Aeneas Valley yesterday. The 53-year-old male is diabetic. Subject located in Tonasket.
Report of a mental health transport from Tonasket Airport Rd. near Tonasket. Neighbor came to reporting party’s home with a pistol and advised that someone was robbing him. Said he had been held against his will for two days, also fired one round into ground.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Report of an MIP alcohol offense on Emry Rd. near Oroville.
Report of a burglary on Talkire Lake Rd. near Tonasket. Residence broken into some time in the past two months. Surround sound and DVD player taken.
Report of an assault on W. Third St. in Tonasket. Brother is intoxicated and insulted reporting party.
Agency assist at the Port of Entry. Request for K-9 unit as CBP believe they have a positive methamphetamine find.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Violation of protection order on Okoma Dr. in Omak. Male subject in dispute at location with reporting party and second male subject.
Report of a domestic dispute on Oak St. Bridge in Okanogan. Received four texts that male subject is assualting unknown female, unknown who texts are from.
DUI on Hwy. 20 near Okanogan
Report of 911 abuse on Chopaka Rd. near Loomis.
Report of burglary on Hwy. 97 near Tonasket. Someone broke in front door.
Wednesday, December 26, 2012
Report of vehicle in ditch on Hwy. 97 near Okanogan.
Report of a burglary on Wannacut Lake Rd. near Oroville. Antique gun taken some time during the holiday. House searched and only thing taken was the gun.
Report of a missing person on Tonasket Airport Rd. near Tonasket. Reporting party came to visit his parent for the holiday and advised the house is empty.
Domestic dispute on S. Orchard Loop near Tonasket. Female caller advised in verbal dispute with husband. Civil matter.
Report of an assault on Clarkston Mill Rd. south of Tonasket. Reporting party advised that male subject just punched her in the face and should not be in her residence. Male subject in violation of protection order and felony assault.
Report of a domestic dispute on O’Neil Rd. south of Oroville. Daughter at location is intoxicated and arguing with everyone. Unable to calm her down.
DUI – Driving Under the Influence
DWLS/R – Driving While License Suspended/Revoked
POSC – Possession of a Controlled Substance
MIP/C – Minor in Possession/Consumption
TMVWOP – Taking a Motor Vehicle without Owner’s Permission
DV – Domestic Violence
FTA – Failure to Appear (on a warrant)
FTPF – Failure to Pay Fine
RP – Reporting Party
OCSO – Okanogan County Sheriff’s Officer
USBP – U.S. Border Patrol
CBP – U.S. Customs and Border Protection
ICE – Immigration and Customs Enforcement