Tonasket celebrates Class of 2012

Jasmine Grangroth, Cierra Williams and Co-Valedictorian Michelle Timmerman sing the National Anthem to open Saturday's graduation.

Jasmine Grangroth, Cierra Williams and Co-Valedictorian Michelle Timmerman sing the National Anthem to open Saturday’s graduation.

TONASKET – Tonasket High School’s Class of 2012 topped off its senior year with graduation ceremonies on Saturday, June 9, fittingly displaying its flair for the artistic throughout the commencement ceremony.
In fact, of the three student speakers, only one actually gave a speech: Salutatorian Dakota Fry, who was the first of the three to step to the microphone.
“I was asked to write a poem,” Fry said. “But someone told me I have a different sense of humor. I don’t know if that means I have a twisted mind, or a creative one.”
She went on to describe the character of the senior class.
“This was the group that went to each other’s Senior Night,” she said, “that couldn’t stay quiet enough to have a productive class meeting – thank goodness for advisors – and the group of tiny first graders that grew to a big strong graduating class. Though we didn’t always get along, we had each other’s backs and we understood our fellow classmates.”
Fry quoted Abraham Lincoln: “I will prepare, and someday my chance will come.
“By graduating today, we decided to prepare ourselves,” Fry added. “There’s no telling where life will take us, but hopefully it’s somewhere we want to be.”
Co-Valedictorians Anthony Verhasselt and Michelle Timmerman took a different tack. Verhasselt, inspired by Walt Whitman, composed a poem that he said reflected his outlook on life.
“It will mature and develop and grow,” he wrote. “Upon the next generation’s lessons it will grow/the lessons of triumph and its trials and tribulations/and teach them the meaning of true determination.”
Timmerman performed three musical numbers despite admittedly being quite sick. She composed the music and lyrics for her solo, “Swingin’,” that she sang as her valedictory speech.
Timmerman also sang the National Anthem with Cierra Williams and Jasmine Grangroth, and supplied vocals for a performance of “Benny and the Jets” with Williams, Caleb Knowlton, Zack Weaver, Jordan Kennedy and Damon Halvorsen.
Faculty speaker/ASB advisor James Swanson encouraged the graduates to be agents of positive change, even if in the background. Citing the example of 1936 Olympian Louis Zamperini, who later was a World War II prisoner of war, Swanson pointed out that his accomplishments might not have happened were it not for his older brother, Pete.
“It’s easy to focus on a man like Louis and his numerous accomplishments,” Swanson said. “But how would his life have been different if Pete hadn’t influenced him?
“You don’t have to be a Louis. Everyone in this gym can become like Pete and create positive change if you want to “don’t get bogged down by negativity. Find balance in your life, be genuine with yourself and others, and have a positive impact on people. The change will ripple through society in ways you never imagined.”

Local scholarship and award recipients:

Army Recruiting Scholar Athletes: Dylan Fewkes and Dakota Fry; certificate and medallion.
Mt. Olive Grange #986: Melody Wolen and Dillon Zemtseff; $500 ea.
American Legion Post 82: Dillon Zemtseff and Dylan Fewkes; $500 ea.
American Legion Auxiliary: Cayla Monroe-Sellers and Dylan Fewkes; 500 ea.
Bretz Family Memorial: Dillon Zemtseff; $300.
Okanogan Neighbors and Okanogan Family Faire: Amber Kilpatrick; $1,000.
Columbia River Carbonates and Sawyer & Sawyer, Inc: Elizabeth Rampley, $1,000; Brandon Sawyer, $4,000.
Tonasket Community Theater: Cierra Williams.
Community Foundation of NCW: Trenton Turner, $3,000.
Ole Drew Athletic Award: John Stedtfeld, $2,000.
Aurora Masonic Lodge #201: Michelle Timmerman and Anthony Verhasselt; $500 ea.
Alma Currie Memorial Scholarship/Okanogan Music Teachers Association: Michelle Timmerman.
Coast-to-Coast Rural Health Care: Anthony Verhasselt and Brandi Wilson, $1,000.
Tonasket Community Scholarships: Michelle Timmerman, $1,600; Brandi Wilson, $1,400; Brandi Wilson, $1,250; Cayla Monroe-Sellers, $1,350; Dylan Fewkes, $1,250.
Dorothy and Everett Lynch Family Trust: Michelle Timmerman; $500.
Brady and Boone Freeman Inspirational Scholar-athlete Scholarship: Michelle Timmerman, $500; and Dylan Fewkes, $250.
Tonasket Education Association: Michelle Timmerman.
T-Club Athletes of the Year: Amber Kilpatrick and Dylan Fewkes; blanket.
Senior Athletic/ASB Recognition (district / regional / state reps with min. 3.5 GPA in sports / ASB activities): Kevin Aitcheson, Dakota Fry, Cayla Monroe-Sellers, Trent Turner, Dakota Bogart, Caleb Knowlton, Shelby Scott, Russell Perry, Mackenzie Wheeler, Kyndra Dellinger, Jake Hickman, Jared Stedtfeld, Ryker Marchand, Luis Rivera, Lazaro Ortega, Dylan Fewkes, Anthony Verhasselt, Melody Wolen, Michelle Timmerman, Cierra Williams, Brandon Sawyer, Dillon Zemtseff, Amber Kilpatrick, John Stedtfeld, Damon Halvorsen; medallion.

Other Scholarships and Awards:

Perseverance Award (student): Dakota Fry
Perseverance Award (staff): Desirae Coe
Additional awards, by student:
Damon Halvorsen: GFWC Civic Lead, $350; Tonasket Athletic Booster Club, $750.
Trenton Turner: North Valley Hospital Guild, $200; Steiner Foundation, $1,000.
Kablina Kochsmeier: Wahington State Honors Award.
Jordan Kennedy: Washington State Honors Award.
Anthony Verhasselt: Washington State Honors Award.
Chevelle Yeckel: Washington State Honors Award.
Amy Johnson: Tonasket FOE, $1,000.
Kyndra Dellinger: Tonasket FOE, $1,000; Joan Inloe Hylton Scholarship $300; Eastern Scholars, $1,500.
Elizabeth Rampley: Tonasket FOE, $1,000.
Cayla Monroe-Sellers: North Valley Hospital Guild, $400; Tonasket Chapter PSE $75; Tonasket Athletic Boosters, $750.
Dakota Fry: Society of Women Engineers Certificate of Merit for Highest Honor in Science and Mathematics, Washington State Honors Award.
Ashley Booker: North Valley Hospital Guild, $200; Okanogan Masonic Lodge, $500.
Russell Perry Jr.: Air Force Recruiting Service Math and Science Award; Washington State Honors Award; University Scholarship Seattle, $3,000; Washington State Opportunities Scholarship, $1,000.
Dylan Fewkes: Tonasket Chapter PSE, $75; Inland Car Club, $1,500; Pete Manring Agriculture Scholarship, $500; Bonaparte Snow ATV Club, $500.
Brandi Wilson: North Valley Hospital Guild, $400; Okanogan Masonic Lodge, $500; ; Delmar Smith Memorial, $1,000.
Melody Wolen: Tonasket Chapter PSE, $150; Society of Women Engineers Certificate of Merit and Honor in Science and Mathematics; Washington State Honors Award; Dr. Mel Lindouer Eyes to the Future Scholarship, $1,000; Washington State Achievement Award, $4,000; Washington State Future Cougs of Color, $1000; WSU Access Opportunity Award, $5,000; Okanogan Masonic Lodge, $500.
Michelle Timmerman: Society of Women Engineers Certificate of Merit High Honor in Science and Mathematics; Air Force Recruiting Service Mathematics and Science Award; Washington State Honors Award; Children’s Dance Theater, $500; Avery Berg Foundation Trust, $500; Ken and Joan Smith Memorial Scholarship, $500; Gold Digger Apples Agriculture Scholarship, $500; Washington State Scholarship Foundation, $5,000; Whitworth Piano Scholarship, $2,000; Whitworth Vocal Scholarship, $2,000; George Washington Foundation, $2,100; Bishop Wheat Foundation, $10,000; Whitworth Presidential Scholarship, $68,000.
Jasmine Grangroth: NELA College Goal Sunday Scholarship, $500
Brandon Sawyer: Cornish Talent Scholarship, $5,000; Cornish Theater Department Scholarship, $2000.

Tonasket’s 2012 graduating class included:

Kevin George Aitcheson, Guadalupe Alvarez, Amalie Elsborg Andersen, Kayla Dawn Andrews, Tyler James Armstrong, Jodi Kay Arroyo, Aleesa Blakley, Dakota Bogart, Ashley Marie Booker, Dakota Christian Bridges, Rosa Maria Bugarin, Elverta Margret Conrad, Robert Walter Dahlquist, Kyndra Elizabeth Dellinger, Lucas J. DeTillian, Jordan Gregory Diaz, Tyler Edward Farley, Dylan Fewkes, Nicolette Estacia Flores, Dakota Nicole Fry, Jarith Scott Fry, Jasmine Faith Marie Grangoth, Cynthia Gutierrez, Damon Joseph Halvorsen, Emmaline Marie Hickmanm, Jacob James Hickman, Alexandra Ellen Hill, Alyssa Justine Holbert, Kylie Dawn Holcomb, Adine Ann Johnson, Amy Elizabeth Johnson, Cortney Jean Jones, Jordan Rea Kennedy, Amber Rose Kilpatrick, Caleb Wayne Knowlton, Kablina Omega Kochsmeier, Raul Lagunas Jr., Jessica Lynn Maier, Ryker David Gerald Carlson-Marchand, Kristoffer Lee Antoine Marthini, Daniel Martinez, Sheridan Anne McDonald, Cayla Jean Monroe-Sellers, Lacey Dale Montanye, Rodolfo Ornelas Vazquez, Lazaro Gerardo Ortega, Jon Anthony Pantaleon, Russell Dennis Perry Jr., Kenneth Taylor Pillow, Gabriel Chase Rainey, Adrian Ramos, Elizabeth Rose Rampley, Luis Enrique Rivera, Trista Lee Romig, Robert Steve Salazar, Chad Evert Sasse, Troy Edmond Sasse, Brandon Maurice Sawyer, Shelby Rae Scott, Miranda Nicole Slagle, Emily Bridgette Smith, Toni Jayne Smith, David Kenneth Standley, Jared Ryan Stedtfeld, John Robert Stedtfeld, Pedro Suazo Gomez, Michelle Renae Timmerman,Trenton David Turner, Curtis Kenneth Twigg, Anthony Paul Verhasselt, Zackery Dean Weaver, Mackenzie Kelly Wheeler, Tyler Dayne Whitney, Cierra Kezia Williams, Brandi Ann Louise Wilson, Raine Judith Wilson, Melody Elizabeth Wolen, Chevelle Lynn Yeckel, Patrick Jason Young, and Dillon Gregory Zemtseff.