OHS Homecoming Spirit Week

This week at Oroville High School students are celebrating the last home football game with a Spirit Week. OHS organizes Spirit week every year, but this year’s promises to be the best!

A tradition of Spirit Week is to have a dress-up theme for every day. The dress-up days for this year are Western Day, College Day, Decades Day, Fake an Injury Day and Blue and Gold day. Classes compete against each other to have the most people dressed up and the winning class has bragging rights for the rest of the year. Other class competitions include Airbands, Powder Puff and Buff Puff, and Mr. Beautiful.

Last week, classes chose their Mr. Beautiful to represent their class. They are freshman Eric Herrera, sophomore Chad Tibbs, junior Matt Studard and senior Jesse Barker. This activity is a fashion/modeling competition. The boys model their swim apparel and formal clothes. Then they perform a talent and answer a randomly chosen question about themselves. The winner is determined by applause of the audience and is crowned with a tiara.

A new tradition is emerging this year. The ASB decided to have a Homecoming King as well as a Queen to get more seniors involved in Homecoming activities. This year’s nominations for Homecoming Queen are Rachel Peters, Laurel Griffin, and Melanie Thompson. After a close vote, the Homecoming King nominations are Eric Ruiz, Brandon Swenson, and Blaine Wagner. Princesses for Homecoming are freshman Jada Russo, sophomore Breanna Dodd, and junior Vi Nyugen. Results for Homecoming Royalty will be announced during half time of the Homecoming Football game.

Another new idea was put into action this year. Students can pay $1 to have their name put in a drawing to sit on a couch during the Homecoming football game. If the ASB draws their name they get to sit on the couch with a friend of their choosing. The ASB will draw only two names, so students are encouraged to enter their names multiple times to better their chances at being chosen. This has proven to be an excellent fundraiser as well as a spirit booster.

The ASB is also doing a Kiss-the-Pig fundraiser. Each ASB officer has a can with their name on it. Students put money into the ASB officer’s can that they want to see kiss a pig. The Officer with the most money in their can will kiss a pig in front of the entire school during the Hornet Olympic activities Friday after Mr. Beautiful and Air Bands.

Homecoming week promises to be a very exciting week full of class rivalries, fun dress-up days, and most importantly Hornet Pride and Spirit. Oroville High School would like to encourage community members to please come and support our Hornet Football team as they take on the Kittitas Coyotes. The game will start at 7 p.m. at the Ben Prince Field, let’s fill the stands! Go Hornets!