Out of My Mind 11

Americansalways there to help

TheU.S. response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti, both through thegovernment and individually, is just one more example in many of how caring anation we really are. Americans are always the first to send aid when disasterstrikes, no matter where it happens, even to places that don’t really like usthat much, like Iran which had a horrific earthquake a few years back. By justbeing who we are, a generous and compassionate nation, we can best win thehearts and minds of the people of the world. When those in need see those aidpackages marked U.S.A., when they meet American volunteers, it buys more goodwill than was ever bought at end of a gun.

Intoday’s world of instant, 24/7 media we tend to forget that we are a nationthat is highly thought of and respected for the things everyone values. Thingslike freedom of speech, religion and movement, not just our wealth and ourstrength. Our strength and our wealth give us the means to help and protectothers, but our willingness to share our compassion and our ideals is what willkeep America great in the minds of people around the world.

Thedevastation in Haiti is beyond belief and I hope the U.S. and the rest of theworld continue to help that impoverished country through these trying timesuntil it can truly stand on its own two feet. Beyond recovery from the quake,Haiti needs help to pull itself out of poverty, something the long-sufferingcountry was making strides towards until the earthquake erased all gains andmore.

Thosethat wish to donate money to the effort can do so at Sterling Bank, which has aspecial Haiti Relief account set up at all their branches.