It's Dec. 27 and the world has not ended

Well, we really don’t know that for sure, we can only assume if you’re reading this as I write it on Friday, Dec. 21, that the Mayans were wrong. It we didn’t have an early deadline for this week’s issue because of the Christmas holiday then we’d know for sure.

For those that didn’t know it, some say the Mayan’s predicted the end of the world would occur on Friday, Dec. 27. If that was true, then, well you get the point, or perhaps I should say didn’t get the chance to.

There is less than a week left of 2012 and soon it will be 2013 – if we’re still here maybe 13 will be a lucky, rather than unlucky number. How many out there can remember figuring out just how old you’d be in the year 2000? There were all the doomsayers fretting about the disasters that would occur because of Y2K. Our computers were supposed to meltdown from being fed a steady diet of just two numbers to represent the four-digit year. This of course, was because back then coding 19 in front of the year would have been a waste of time and precious memory. Did you construct your underground shelter, invest in generators and freeze dried food?

Y2K pretty much came and went with little fanfare, but now we have the “Doomsday Preppers” as featured each week on the National Geographic Channel. The possible doomsday scenarios seem endless — watching them get ready for the end makes one’s head spin. One theme seems to be bug out to the wilderness, so don’t be surprised to see a prepper coming to a neighborhood near you. Perhaps you might have an old buried cargo container left over from Y2K you’re willing to sell them at a discount. The Okanogan has been a great place for people to bug out to for years, why not for preppers too?

Asking what they’re preparing for is a little like the old line from The Wild Ones. When Johnny, played by Marlon Brando, is asked, “What are you rebelling against?” he answers, “Whattdoya got?” It seems the list of things to worry about – the government, Mayan predictions, EMPs, is as long as my arm. So dig a hole in the back yard, lay on the provisions and wait it out. This is taking the old Boy Scout motto to the nth degree – I’d be more worried about the Zombie Apocalypse.

How about you George Orwell fans, do you remember wondering if things would really be like they were in his book “1984”? At the risk of dating myself, I’ve got to admit at one time 1984 seemed far enough off that who knew what the possibilities would be. We might not be living in a full on “1984,” but with what seems like people watching our every move on security cameras and tracking our likes and dislikes on the web, it gets to feeling a little 1984ish at times.

Anyway, if we’re all still here, then it’s time again to reflect on the past year and to get ready to greet the new year. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday and that you’ve recovered from the rush to do the shopping for everyone on your list. We also hope that your family had a chance to gather to celebrate together. It’s not always possible, but sure makes the season more enjoyable when you can.

Here’s wishing you a joyous and safe new year from everyone at the Gazette-Tribune.